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Bicycle Travel on Vagabond Journey

This is an index of all entries about bicycle travel on VagabondJourney.com

  • Bicycle Luke Reunion

    Bicycle Luke ten years later.

  • My Experience Traveling On A Folding Bicycle

    Why a folding bicycle is the ultimate vagabonding machine.

  • Bicycle Travel In Xiamen and Fujian

    A journey gets turned around by one simple thing: the making of friends. This is a tale which shows the reason why we travel.

  • Bicycling in China’s Jiangsu Province

    A bicycle journey through Jiangsu province: broken pedals, factories, camping on the sly, traffic jams, right-wing Chinese, and more.

  • Folding Bicycle and Inflatable Boat: the Ultimate Vagabond Set Up?

    For me, freedom is a bicycle. Adventure begins at a front wheel and ends at a rear one with a set of peddles, a seat, and a set of handlebars in between. From the time I was a young boy exploration and bicycles were always inseparable. Now that I’m all grown up, I have to say [...]

  • Fold Up Bicycle for Travel?

    The biggest downside to long distance bicycle travel is that once you set out on a bike you are committed to riding a bike. Sometimes possible to put a bike on a train or bus, but it’s always a hassle that is often not worth doing — especially when you’re in places where you have [...]

  • Motorized Bicycles

    Throughout the streets of Colombia you can find bicycles that have been rigged up with motors, essentially creating low horse power motorcycles with pedals. Putting a motor on a bicycle is perhaps the dream of any kid growing up in a bike riding culture, and I once tried in vain to put engines on my [...]

  • Bicycle Traveler Jason Mcanuff in Colombia

    SAN GIL, Colombia- I watched a bicycler ride through Zipolite, Mexico with a sweet set up — a nice touring bike, store bought panniers, a pro style “third wheel” trailer, topped off with a nice big wicker sun hat upon his head. I chatted with him later on in a restaurant. His name was Jason Mcanuff, [...]

  • Bicycling in Iceland

    If you are a pro biker, a masochist, or a vagabond with a fierce independent streak and an incredibly small budget, bicycling is a great way to get around Iceland.

  • Extreme Wind and Bicycling in Iceland

    ELDBORG, Iceland- That was awesome. This is the feeling that I now have when thinking of the ride from Borgarnes to Eldborg through an extremely strong head wind on an old pink mountain bike. But I know that when I was actually pedaling on the side of that desolate highway through the night, with nothing around me [...]