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Best Places to Eat at Toronto Pearson International Airport

Flying in Canada and need a bite to eat? Check out these restaurants.

Toronto Pearson Airport

Whether traveling to Toronto as a tourist or from Toronto to visit someplace else, you should stop, rest awhile, and tuck into some breakfast, lunch, or supper at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The 4,613-acre airport, with five runways and two passenger terminals, offers a selection of eateries to enjoy. So, whether before or after a flight, you might want to eat.

You won’t run out of options. Read about some of the best places to check out below.

The Dirty Bird Chicken & Waffles Express

Do you like soul food, comfort food, or whatever other synonym you want to use? The Dirty Bird Chicken & Waffles Express is worth the stop if you happen to be waiting to catch a flight or want something to eat after arriving at the airport. You’ll find it in Terminal 1 near Gate D20. 

Do you enjoy fried chicken and waffles? The eatery has gained quite a reputation for its fried chicken and delectable waffles, so that’s something to consider if you want to refuel. Want something fast? You can enjoy one of the Dirty Bird’s sandwiches. Sit down to get something to eat or grab a quick bite if you must grab and go. You’re bound to find something you love.

Caplansky’s Deli

Caplansky’s Deli is a traditional delicatessen operating out of the airport. It specializes in homemade Jewish comfort food and is renowned for its smoked meat sandwiches. So, if you love smoked meat, matzo ball soup, brisket sandwiches, or want to try some of the establishment’s beef bacon, you can find the popular eatery in Terminal 3 near Gate B39.

Boccone Trattoria by Massimo Capra

Boccone Trattoria by Massimo Capra, located in Terminal 1 near Gate D41, is a great place to eat if you like Italian breakfasts. If you’ll be at the airport early in the morning, there are plenty of mouth-watering breakfast entrees to tuck into. The pronto scaccia is one option. It’s a Sicilian folded pizza filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, and potatoes. 

The steak and eggs meal comes with a grilled steak, two eggs cooked any way you want, potatoes, and tomato salsa. Are you interested in vegetarian fare? The vegetable frittata might be more up your alley. It includes roasted vegetables with romano cheese and salsa. Other options include, but aren’t limited to, fresh fruit plates, pancakes, and yogurt and granola.

And it doesn’t serve only breakfast-type fare either. You can get pizzas, pastas, paninis, and more.

The Hearth by Lynn Crawford

The Hearth by Lynn Crawford is another favorite at the airport. Lynn Crawford, a celebrity chef in the Toronto area, heads it. You’ll find a wide range of menu items. 

If you enjoy salmon, the maple mustard glazed salmon with roasted squash puree, roasted baby carrots, farro risotto, and more is to die for. Dishes like the spaghetti bolognese, fogo island fish and chips, and hearth bacon cheeseburger are worth a try. If you have a sweet tooth — and who doesn’t — try the milk chocolate pudding with coffee caramel, cheesecake with vanilla-roasted strawberries, or lemon mousse. It’s located in Terminal 1 near Gate F60.

Stop to Smell the Roses…and Try the Fare

It doesn’t hurt to stop and smell the proverbial roses if you’re traveling near or far. Most people don’t relish being in airports or in planes for that matter. But you might enjoy the vacation experience more if you take time to enjoy some good food at whatever airports you stop at. 

Traveling is on many people’s bucket lists of things to do. You don’t want to delay your dream vacation for too long. Sometimes, people put things off and then wind up regretting it if they get sick and are unable to travel. And some ailments, such as mesothelioma, are so aggressive that they shorten your life expectancy and may throw a wrench in your travel plans.

So, live life to the fullest, make time for those nearest and dearest to you, travel near and far to experience what the world has to offer, and stop to smell the roses and enjoy some good food.


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