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Best Natural Areas to Visit in New England

Where to go and what to do in the wilds of the northeast.


Taking time off from your stressful everyday life is an essential thing for everyone to consider doing. If you and your family are constantly running around, and it feels as if the list of things you have to do keeps growing and growing, it is okay to put all of that on pause and take a vacation.

Luckily for you, you can easily explore many cool vacation spots in New England. Taking a trip up to New England may sound like a daunting task, but it can quickly be done, not to mention that the natural beauty found in New England is well worth the trip.

Ossipee Mountains, New Hampshire

The Appalachian mountain range along the coast fly under the radar in terms of natural beauty due to their cousins on the other side of the country. That being said, the Ossipee Mountains range is one of the most beautiful spots on the East Coast to visit.

Not to mention the endless amount of hiking trails that are found on the Ossipee mountain range in New Hampshire. If you want to get out and hit the mountains on some hiking trails, this is the spot for you.

The Quiet Corner, Connecticut

Quiet Corner is precisely as the name makes it sound. A quiet corner is a place that you go to immerse yourself with nature and your thoughts completely. But the one thing that separates Quiet Corner from the rest of the quiet places to go in nature is the drive there.

Route 169 is the path you travel to get there, and it is world-renowned for being one of the most beautiful scenic highways that you will ever see. You can hop off the route in several places and explore local parks.

Grafton Notch, Maine

There are so many beautiful places in Maine to travel and explore. The activities vary from hiking along beautiful mountainsides to exploring vast amounts of wilderness. That being said, surveying the entire state of Maine could take months, and even years, so you will need to find a good starting point to spend a week or two.

A great place to start when exploring this unique state is Grafton Notch, Maine. Several scenic highways can take you to mind-blowing parks. Wherever you decide to go in Maine, there is sure to be boatloads of natural scenic beauty.

The trip to New England comes with many other perks as well. Unless you don’t take kindly to any local sports teams, the people are amiable, and nature found there is genuinely breathtaking. If you and your family are in tune with nature and find yourselves enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors, then New England is a place that you should check out.

Plus, the chances are that if you like to get outdoors, then you and your family would love to experience some of the incredible hikes that New England has to offer. You could take some of the best hikes in New England and have a great time.


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