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Best Jobs to Make Money While Travelling the World

How to travel the world and earn money too.

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Most people want their jobs to be both rewarding and high-paying, so that they can pay off their bills and go on holidays for their own money.

Unfortunately, it is easier said than done, and sometimes other options, like taking out loans from personal lenders, like societyone.com.au need to be considered. Many workplaces do not pay much attention to what the employees are feeling. Consequently, the salaries are low, and the workers are incredibly dissatisfied. However, there is another way to go about it, and that is looking for a job that will allow you to both earn a lot of money and travel the world! Does that sound like something that you would like to do? If so, this article is for you.

Here, you will find a list of the best jobs that come with a great salary and allow you to travel the world, ranging from a flight attendant and an English teacher to an international aid worker, a cruise ship worker, and a trucker. Check it out, find a job that suits your preferences and skills, and change your life for the better!

Flight Attendant

If you are one of those people who are not afraid of flying, this job is for you! If you choose to become a flight attendant, you will get to travel the world and get paid for it. Your main tasks will be about taking care of the passengers. 

That includes greeting everyone who boards the plane, getting passengers their food and drinks, and ensuring their safety. In addition to that, you will need to handle the issues that might occur onboard, such as people being sick or fighting.

How Much Can You Earn?

Most flight attendants’ salary typically falls between $62,944 and $97,226 per year. However, keep in mind that the entire airline industry is not doing great because of the pandemic. Because of that, if travel restrictions keep on piling up, you might suddenly end up getting laid off.

What Do You Need to Become a Flight Attendant?

The requirements are not that high. The most important thing is that you are friendly and polite, as well as willing to comply with your chosen airline’s dress code. In addition to that, you should be able to speak English and at least one more foreign language fluently.

English Teacher

If you are a native English speaker and know how to teach others, this is the job for you! It gives you an excellent opportunity to travel the world and teach both kids and adults how to speak English.

How Much Can You Earn?

It depends on the country and school that you go to, as well as on your education and what age group you want to teach. In general, English teachers make from $40,000 to $60,000 per year.

What Do You Need to Become an English Teacher?

The most basic requirement is that you speak English fluently and understand how to efficiently share your knowledge with others. However, if you want to earn more money and work in prestigious schools, having a degree in teaching, linguistics, or English would be helpful.

Cruise Ship Worker

What about working on a cruise ship? You get to travel the world and see many exciting places free of charge. Sounds like a dream job, doesn’t it? It can be yours if you do your research and become a cruise ship worker!

How Much Can You Earn?

The pay depends on the company that you work for and what your position is. The top earners can earn up to $96,500 per year, but most cruise ship workers earn around $48,400 per year. 

What Do You Need to Become a Cruise Ship Worker?

There are many different jobs that you can take care of on a cruise ship. For instance, if you have retail experience and well-developed soft skills, you can take care of the passengers’ needs. If you have worked on ships, you might be able to get a job operating specific machinery and equipment, too.

Humanitarian Aid Worker

Working as an aid worker might seem really daunting, as it requires you to travel to dangerous places where people are dealing with natural disasters and conflicts. However, it will allow you to meet interesting people, make friends, help people in need, and learn about different cultures around the world.

How Much Can You Earn?

It depends on your experience. If you have never worked as an international aid worker, you will earn about $30,000 every year. The top-earning workers, such as humanitarian aid program directors, can earn between $52,000 and $82,408 per year.

What Do You Need to Become an International Aid Worker?

The requirements for becoming an aid worker depend on the organization that you want to work for. For instance, if you’re going to work for an organization that employs medics, you must have a medical degree. On the other hand, if you want to help with construction work, a high school diploma might be enough.

Truck Driver

Truck driving is definitely one of the most interesting jobs on this list because it allows people to travel the world and enjoy picturesque landscapes while they drive. It can be dangerous but also fun if you take the risk.

How Much Can You Earn?

The average salary for a truck driver in the United States is $67,378. However, you might be able to earn more than that if you drive long hours every day and take the top-paying jobs, such as ice road trucking and hauling luxurious cars.

What Do You Need to Become a Trucker?

In most states, you will need to obtain a special permit as well as pass a background check and periodic drug tests. If you want to earn more, you can complete special training that will allow you to handle hazardous materials, such as chemicals.

In Conclusion

If you dream about traveling the world but do not want to depend on credit cards, these jobs are your best bet! They will allow you to see the world while earning enough money to pay your bills, which is a great option. 

Make sure to assess your current skills to determine which one might be the right one for you, but do not hesitate to try new things if the position requires you to. After all, no one’s going to live your life for you.


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