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Best Islands for Clubbing In Greece 

Where to go in the Greek islands for unforgettable nightlife.

Clubbing in Greece

Greece, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, is famed for its incredible age-long histories, idyllic beaches, gorgeous villages, and philosophers. However, it’s also a top tourist destination in the world and with good reason. Greece Islands are stunning with sunset beaches, and bustling with activities like beach parties and robust nightlife in classy clubs. There are tons of nightclubs littered around the islands that never sleep. You can always party till you are spent and want to go home. If you are lucky, you could bump into your favorite celebrities because Greece is loved across the world. When next you visit and want to feel like a young hipster or unwind like never before, you can visit these Islands renowned for their night vibrancy and immerse in the fun. 

7 Best Islands for Clubbing 


Renowned as the Ibiza of Greece, Mykonos has some of the most legendary clubs in the world and easily tops the list as a foremost party Island. It’s unrivaled in fun, having some of the best bars, DJs, and clubs to unwind and blow off steam any time of the week. You can’t afford to miss partying in Mykonos, Greece. It’s worldly here, and you are going to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience partying at the backdrop of elegant beaches while feeling young again, no matter how old you think you are. Most tourists naturally choose Mykonos as their first port of call when visiting because the fun starts here but never ends. Remember to visit paradise beach and let its gorgeous white sands grace your feet when you are done with your hangovers. 


Corfu is a renowned Island in Greece, lovely for its long beach stretches that are spellbinding and go as far as the eyes can see. Yet, that’s just its natural endowment. This Island nearly never sleeps with several beach clubs to party till dawn and bars to drink your soul into bliss. Before the party hits the gas, soak in the sights of picturesque landscapes as the sun sets over the horizon on beaches that bewitch. Visit the club Pazuzu for an unforgettable night clubbing experience, dancing to musical delights from the best DJs in the world. When you are done, take a tour of the old town and immerse in its legendary history – remember, it’s not Greece without historical significance. 


Paros is an enchanting Island nestled between the villages of Parikia and Naoussa and hosting numerous clubs and bars. The vibrancy of the nightlife here is remarkable. From sunset to sunrise, fun comes on a platter. If you are in for some mingling, University students usually throng the night clubs here during the weekends to unwind, echoing their sounds of hedonistic experiences across the seas. The party heightens during the hot summer months, and you can never get enough. Arrive here on a three hours ferry from Athens and enjoy fascinating clubs overlooking the seas all night long. 


When you’re done with Paros and still want more, take a two-hour ferry to Ios, another bustling party island. The nightlife and fun in Ios are crazy, with Disco 69 and Blue Note amongst the notable clubs within the Island. But the night isn’t the only ideal time for partying in Ios. The jaw-dropping Mylopotas beach hosts a far-out beach club where the party never stops, day or night. During the peak season in July, Ios Island enlivens further and is jammed with party revelers across Europe. It’s the season to experience full moon parties, and you can throw some caution to the wind while dancing your heart out beneath the stars. 


The Island of Kos never disappoints in providing unreserved fun to nightclub lovers or daytime revelers. The Island offers an assortment of music genres in nightclubs, and there’s always something for everyone regardless of individual tastes in music. Choose any of the clubs and bars localized in two streets within the city center, and you’ll be spoiled for options on how to enjoy your vacation or tour. On the outskirts of the town, Kardamena resort entices you with holiday packages you can’t resist, while the numerous clubs dotting its surroundings teaches you how to party hard. After a hangover, get intimate with history by visiting several archeological masterpieces within the town, or explore the islet of Kastri at your pace. 


Rhodes Island is legendary for its diverse culture yet retaining its Greek heritage. While history and heritage endure in Rhodes through the ages, nightlife, clubbing, spectacular beaches, and uninhibited fun are some of its highlights. This Island hosts party lovers and clubbers from around the world all year round, spoiling them lavishly with a combination of music and wine. Enjoy the myriad Greek Island party cruises, clubs, and discos littering the Island and the Faliraki resort, which party lovers call home. The city of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; after partying, stroll around and behold some of the wonders of the world. 


The Greek Island of Santorini is one place you should never miss when next you’re in Greece. It might look pristine, calm, and enchanting, but don’t let that fool you into believing it could be boring here. Santorini is many things but dry, not when there are more than a handful of chill lounges, clubs, and beach bars, offering prime entertainment all night long. Party hard like there’s no tomorrow in any nightclub of your choice, which will probably be hosted by some of the elite DJs in Europe. Let your guards and morals down for a minute and dance to jazz, pop, Latin, or soul music. Sit laid back and enjoy tasty cocktails in the beach bars, or enjoy a private party ambiance at the Hotel Lignos in the city center. Overall, Santorini keeps you busy during the day and active all night. 


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