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Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms in 2020

Exchanging cryptocurrency is an excellent way for a traveler to earn passive income.

There is a wide range of cryptocurrency exchange platforms where you can exchange your currency and earn lots of passive income, which, as a traveler, is often essential to make ends meet without needing to work all day long. This process uses every digital payment scheme where you don’t need sufficient balance for the transactions.

Blockchain keeps track of every transaction and makes your transaction safe and secure. There is no involvement of any government or third party and it requires zero transaction fees.

There will be only a sender and a receiver involved in the process. Now, people are giving attention more to digital currency because it is growing rapidly and has many advantages.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms in 2020

Now, here are the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms in 2020 that allow you selling, buying, and trading cryptocurrency for traditional and digital currencies.

  1. Coinbase:

Coinbase is regarded as the crypto trading platform which is trendy because of its security and liquidity. This website is regarded as one of the largest bitcoins exchanging websites.

It offers a digital wallet to store your assets and deposit boxes. It consists of a very high buying limit and a low fee can increase its efficiency for the user. However, it can possess your transaction process in a very short period of time.

You can complete the transaction process using your Mastercard and visa. It is simple and easy to understand. This is the best cryptocurrency exchanging platform for beginners.

  1. CEX.io:

For exchanging bitcoins, it has already gained people’s support and became a strong platform. It has more than three million happy customers.

This platform highlights less spreading, execution in the minimum time, and high liquidity that helps to pair up with the top currencies. On the other hand, it allows users to check the balance and the transaction history using their account.

For strong security, compliant with PCI DSS standards, full data encryption, DDoS attacks, etc., are incorporated. Also, it has an advanced trade engine that supports order listings algorithms.

  1. Poloniex:

It has the highest search volume that makes it popular among all the investors and traders. You can transact almost every lower trading fees and cryptocurrencies.

Poloniex is known as the most growing cryptocurrency exchanging platform rapidly that has almost doubled the number of monthly traffic and its customers.

It tries to store the maximum amount of funds as well as the maximum data offline to ensure seamless trading. In this platform, strict security remains focused.

  1. Bittrex:

Regarded as the best trading sites. By raising the need for the cryptocurrency worldwide, they are trying to use cutting edge technologies.

On the other hand, using innovative technologies, it has a purpose to improve the way of sales.

It generates algorithmic trading and dynamic API makes it suitable for combining third-party trading programs. It includes cross-sectional sections beside.

  1. Kraken:

For beginners, Kraken is regarded as the best cryptocurrency trading site. This platform handles capital by its exclusive solution that provides support for all size investors.

It has all the advanced features to list your financial resources. On the other hand, it provides 24/7 availability through their support all over the world. This platform is regarded as the best one for all the newcomers and experts.

It uses portfolio and simplicity to keep track of your profile. You can also use financial peak login to make most of it with bitcoin.


Therefore, the above-mentioned cryptocurrency exchange platforms can make your trading and exchanging process easier. Some trading sites even do not require any KYC process to complete the transactions. Cryptocurrency transactions are safe and secure and you can use it to buy any products pr services online at any time.


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