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Best Car Rental Tips For Nomad Travelers

How to rent cars, save money, and travel the world.

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Recently, the nomadic lifestyle is becoming more popular as working remotely is more possible than ever. In fact, more than 70% of the world works remotely at least once a week and there is a growing number of people who work remotely all of the time.

This makes it much easier to effectively travel the world and not need to worry about having a permanent home. However, because of this “on the go” lifestyle, there are very few nomads who own their own vehicles.

This can make getting around in some cities or areas difficult. Public transportation can be affordable, but not everyone has time for it every day. Many will resort to renting a car online (one of the most popular choices is www.ariescarrental.com.au or, if in Montreal for example, www.globecar.com). However, when renting a car, there are ways to do it right, but also ways to do it wrong. With that in mind, let’s look at the best car rental tips for nomad travelers.

Try Rent in Advance if Possible

Most of the time, you will get the best car rental rate if you book at least a day in advance. Convenience is king, so if you walk up to rent a car, you will often be charged a higher rate. This is especially true at airports. They know a lot of travelers need to rent a car, and thus can charge much more.

The last thing most people want to do after a plane ride is do any extra running around to find a cheaper rate, so most will simply pay it. Sure, sometimes the convenience might be worth the extra charges, but this isn’t often the case. If you plan ahead, you’ll save money and enjoy the exact same convenience with a car ready and waiting.

Ensure that your car rental is hassle-free by getting an international driver’s license in advance. Most car rental companies will require you to carry an international driver’s permit (IDP) if you plan on renting a car while traveling abroad. Getting your license in advance can help avoid potential problems or delays at the rental counter.

Inspect the Car and Take Photos

If accidents occur or any damage to the car is found, you will be charged for it. Unfortunately, you could also end up being charged for damage that other drivers have done. See, companies won’t always catch previous damage on a vehicle, especially if drivers don’t report it.

As a result, always inspect the entire car (inside and out) before taking it out. Take photos of any damage, and make the company aware of the damage. That way, if you return the car with the same damage, the company will know it’s not you who caused it. Even a small scratch or dent could be costly, so report everything you see.

Handle Gas Yourself

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Most cars out there being rented require gas to drive. You will not only need to fill the car up during your journey if need be, but also have the gas tank full when you return it (if it was full when you took it). You can do this yourself, but many rental companies will either offer to do it for you (for a fee) or even allow you to prepay for fuel at a discounted rate.

While convenient, and seems like a good deal, this could be costly. See, most people return their rental cars back with at least a quarter tank or so. As a result, if you prepay for a full tank, you have lost money. In fact, if you return the car with any gas at all, you have likely lost money. Sure, filling the tank yourself will take more time, but your pocketbook will thank you.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to help you learn some great car rental tips for nomad travelers.


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