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  • Kinmen: A Tale Of Two Beaches

    The beaches of Kinmen are full of contradictions.

  • Victory Beach, Sihanoukville: My Kind Of Beach Town

    A good beach to me is a good shit hole to most other travelers.

  • Beautiful Undeveloped Beach on Kinmen, Taiwan

    Many of the beaches of Kinmen remain untouched, for now.

  • SPANKING THE CHILDREN OF PARADISE – Hazy Hippy Days in Gokarna, India

    The Children of Paradise vs. truncheon swinging cops; a mouse and monkeys vs. the vagabond painter. The battles of paradise at Kudle Beach, Gokarna, India.

  • Lianyungang: The Chinese Beach Experience

    Going to the beach in China? They are not what you may expect, but the beaches around Lianyungang are some of the best the country has to offer — well, if you’re into the facekini.

  • Cancun Mexico is a Tourist’s Buyer’s Market

    Cancun doesn’t have an identity crisis. It is what it says it is: a place to go and party and hang out on a beautiful beach, a place to go on vacation at the second longest coral reef in the world. Punto. There is nothing to mislead you here, no tempting photographs that speak more [...]

  • Palomino Beach on Colombian Caribbean

    PALOMINO, Colombia- After a day on the beach of Palomino I was not plotting an escape but a way to stay there forever. I looked over at the hippie colony that formed in the bushes which sit on the cusp of the surf as I floated by in the gentle waves. They were living in [...]

  • Taganga Colombia: Portrait of a Beach Town

    TAGANGA, Colombia- I tried to walk down to the beach in Taganga but could only find the boats of tour companies and fishermen, restaurants and beer houses, comatose rasta men and clans of binder wielding touts blocking my path. I walked all the way down to the western edge of what would otherwise have been [...]

  • Beaches of Snaefellsnes Iceland

    LANGAHOLT, Iceland- Iceland is not widely referred to as an optimal beach destination, but as I walked over the wide, free flowing sandy beach near Langaholt, watching the sea sparkle yellow, red, blue in the perpetual daylight with the Snaefellsnes glacier rising over all I could have been fooled into believe that it was so. Subtract [...]

  • Ventanilla Crocodiles and Undeveloped Beach

    VENTANILLA, Mexico- Ventanilla is called as such because there is a little opening that looks like a window within a rock outcrop that stretches out to sea from its beach. But this little window is not why people come here: they come here for the crocodiles, they come here because it is a truly undeveloped [...]