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Baby Shower Ideas For The Traveling Mom

Even though you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t have a baby shower.

Americans started throwing baby showers for expectant moms after WWII ended and the post-war baby boom began. In all that time, however, the format has stayed the same: mom sits in a decorated chair while the guests “shower” her with gifts. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to this tried-and-true theme, but what if you’re traveling or living abroad?

It’s a good thing that today’s baby showers are breaking the mold and incorporating fun activities and details for mom-to-be and her guests — even if it’s happening in a foreign country.

Here are some baby shower ideas for you or an expectant mother to try that is sure to make the special day a memorable one.

Start With the Invitations

Instead of emailing or calling guests or using boxed invites from a card store, customize the message by making your own baby shower invitations. This is especially important if you’re traveling or living abroad, as you need to give your guests as much incentive as possible to travel to where the shower is taking place.

This is easy to do when you use baby shower invitation templates. You can edit the design and details, save the template, and then print the card or email them to guests.

It’s a small detail that adds a bit of personalization to the event — especially when you can match the theme of your baby shower with that of the exotic location you’re traveling in.

Plan a Day of Pampering

But what happens if you’re traveling and don’t quite have the proper space for a baby shower?

How about instead of having the party someone’s home the guest of honor would appreciate a spa day for her and her guests. What could be better to ease some pregnancy strain than sitting or lying down and receiving a facial or pedicure?

You could also treat the mom-to-be to a prenatal massage while the other party guests enjoy various treatments. After your spa visit is over, cap the day with a meal or sweet treats at a nearby restaurant.

Satisfy Mom’s Cravings

Is the expectant mother dealing with pregnancy cravings? Make or bring dishes that include the food she can’t get enough of. If being with child has brought on strawberry cravings, for example, you can serve strawberry shortcake, a non-alcoholic strawberry cocktail, or salad made with the fresh red fruit.

You can even set up a food station dedicated to your favorite craving that you and your guests can indulge in.

Play Some Baby Themed Games

Some laughs are guaranteed when you incorporate some fun baby-themed games that everyone can participate in.

Have your guests mold a baby out of Play-Doh and hand out small prizes for categories such as the cutest, weirdest, scariest, etc. Or try a variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey with a pregnant mom and babies instead of the tails. The person who can get a baby closest to the mother’s stomach while blindfolded wins.

Try These Baby Shower Ideas

Some final words of advice, no matter which baby shower ideas you use: keep the party short and sweet. The mom will get tired and the guests will get bored after so many hours. Other than that, use your creativity to throw a baby shower that everyone will enjoy.

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