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  • Atypical Travel: Interview With an International Smokestack Tester

    There are many ways to travel the world that go beyond backpacking to tourist sites or teaching English. The Atypical Travel series on Vagabond Journey features individuals who are living lives on the road but typically fall off the radar of what we think of when we say “world traveler.” This week’s installment features Adam Williams, an international smokestack tester.

  • The Long Road to Pakistan Part 1 hcmc market

    The making of a traveler.

  • Hangin’ With Charlie In ‘Nam

    A hero falls in Tua Hai. Falls out of his chair, that is. Too much Tiger Beer was his reward.

  • Wild Mekong! Hundreds of New Species Found in Mekong Basin

    Over 1,000 previously unknown species have been found in the Mekong basin in the past decade. In 2010 alone, scientist have found 100 plants, 28 reptiles, 25 fish, and seven amphibians that were previously unknown to science. The Mekong river and its surrounding watershed is one of the most bio-diverse regions on the globe. Though [...]

  • Letters to the Editor – Dirty Pierre on a Motorcycle

    Letter to the Editor from Dirty Pierre: I love your posts. I am also travelling solo and today I rode of into the Vietnamese country side on my motorbike. To cut a long story short I got shaken down by some shysters at a remote cafe but on my way back home some school children [...]

  • Fishermen of Halong Bay Vietnam

    Fishermen of Halong Bay VietnamThe following links lead to photos of the fishermen of Halong Bay Vietnam. There are also photographs of Hanoi, Vietnamese beaches, and the boats of Halong Bay. Click on the below links to go to the photos.Hanoi and Halong Bay VietnamHalong Bay VietnamFishermen of Halong Bay VietnamVagabond Journey Travel PhotographsWade from [...]

  • On Leaving Another Country

    Halong Bay.It is said that travelling is hard. If that is so then traveling with other people is even harder. In travel, everything about a person seems to come out of their deep recesses and flows up to the surface. Therefore, you must really love your travel companion. I have always found it extremely difficult [...]

  • Hanoi, Vietnam

    “How can you be a beggar if you have extra money?”-Santoka TanedaI rode out of Nanning on a posh tourist bus that would ferry me across the border and right on to Hanoi. I had to scourge the town to find this ride for a decent prices. The cost of things are rarely fixed in [...]

  • A visit to the US Embassy

    So I went to the U.S. Embassy to try to find out what I can to about the fact that I am consistently being harassed by immigration officials at ever border I cross because they are confused by my beard. Yes, that is right, it seems as if they cannot imagine my face, as it [...]

  • Coming to Hanoi

    Hanoi, VietnamJune 6, 2007I really need to do something about my passport photo. It is of a cute young man who is around 18 or 19 that does not look much like the rugged, bearded, and bald 26 year old who uses it. Yes, time and the road has not aged me well. But I [...]