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  • Thailand Travel Warnings

    Thailand Travel Warnings Do people really believe that they should not go to Thailand because of the travel warnings which say that it is a dangerous place? Because the televisions show people protesting and battling government troops? Apparently, yes, tourism has been dropping drastically since 2008, since the recent wave of color coded political problems [...]

  • 340 Travel Photos

    SOSUA, Dominican Republic-We are back to publishing 50 photos a day on Vagabond Journey.com. The following are links to new travel photos from Chaya’s pre-Vagabond Journey travels. They encompass her travels in South Africa, Thailand, and Ecuador and are displayed on pages of 10 photos each.

  • Thailand Travel Photos

    This is a collection of travel photos from Thailand. Follow the links below to go to the images. Thailand Photos 2007 Ladyboys Buddhist Blessings Thailand Bodhi Tree Thailand Elephant Herders in Thailand Buddhist Temples in Thailand Buddhist Temples Wats in Thailand Buddhist Monks and Sword Dancers Thailand Ladyboys Burlesque Show in Thailand

  • Thailand

    “What I’d really like would be to have a couple of horses in one of the villages along the desert. And some girl who would be willing to ride…you know, she’d have her mustang, I’d have mine.”-from “The Drifters”I arrive in Thailand with a heavy head. In a spurred moment I sent off an application [...]

  • On Leaving Another Country

    Halong Bay.It is said that travelling is hard. If that is so then traveling with other people is even harder. In travel, everything about a person seems to come out of their deep recesses and flows up to the surface. Therefore, you must really love your travel companion. I have always found it extremely difficult [...]

  • Asia Travels with Stubbs, 2005

    These are from my Asia travels with Stubbs in 2005. We had a real romantic notion of travelling to India from the sea. So we took off from Hong Kong and travelled accross southern China, Laos, Thailand, and then jumped a little into India. Stubbs is another Archaeologist vagabond who is just tramping through this [...]