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  • Disaster in Kashmir, Part 2: The Northern Guard of India

    The second part of the build up to disaster.

  • Strange Days in Pakistan

    Lawrence Hamilton recounts his first look at Pakistan in 2005.

  • The Long Road to Pakistan Part 1 hcmc market

    The making of a traveler.

  • Hiking in Pakistan

    Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries that I have I ever seen, especially the northern regions are enchanting beyond bounds. Snow-clad peeks surround you, sparkling lakes stun you, green forests stupefy you and the hospitable people leave an impact on you; it is truly the Switzerland of the East. The Northern region of [...]

  • Food in Pakistan

    Food in Pakistan is relatively inexpensive. For $10 you can have all what you want; may it be spicy potato pastries (samosas) or the much loved Biryani. Roadside vendors proliferate throughout Pakistan and they offer very cheap rates on the delicacies they produce.

  • Pakistan Travel Guide

    Prepare for your travels to Pakistan Use this guide to help you prepare for your travels to Pakistan. Below are topics and categories that are important for travelers going to Pakistan. Browse the topics and submit links, comments, ideas, and information wherever you can to assist other travelers in Pakistan. Map of Pakistan What is [...]