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  • Bad Tripping: How to Bribe a Cop

    There will invariably come a time in every traveler’s journey when they will turn around to find themselves corralled by the law. Bad Mike tells you how to escape the clutches of the police while remaining financially intact.

  • SPANKING THE CHILDREN OF PARADISE – Hazy Hippy Days in Gokarna, India

    The Children of Paradise vs. truncheon swinging cops; a mouse and monkeys vs. the vagabond painter. The battles of paradise at Kudle Beach, Gokarna, India.

  • WAYWARD WAYFARING: Lunatics, Dirty Little Girls, and a Violated Fruit Bag

    A journey into Rajasthan turns into a downward spiral of misadventure — the India experience.

  • Baby, Light My Pyre: On Dying in Varanasi

    A stroke of utter brilliance! The Kolkata Sudder Street tuk tuk mafia will be defeated, by dint no less, than taking the bus to the Howard Railway Station for the pittance of seven Rupees. The bulk of the two hundred or so Rupees that I shall save will nest securely in my front shirt pocket [...]

  • Transportation in India

    Transportation in India One would get an actual feel of the Indian culture when you commute by a bus, train or cab (“taxi” as they they call them in india). The locals commute by rickshaws which are unique to asia. Commuting by these means can be quite adventurous for the thrill seekers. But if your [...]

  • 358 Photos from India

    The following are links to 358 photos from India. They were mostly taken during 2007 by Chaya.

    We are back to trying to publish 50 travel photos a day. To view the main collection of Vagabond Journey.com travel photos go to, Travel Photos.

  • Searching for Indian Woodcarver Photos

    Searching for Indian Woodcarver PhotosAttn: Any traveler who has traveled in India with the good senses to take photographs.Need: I am currently looking for a few photographs of Indian wood (sandalwood preferably) carvers and/ or the wares that they produce to accompany an article that I wrote to be published in Abroad View Magazine. You [...]

  • Carving into the Ancient: Woodcarvers in India

    JAIPUR, India- I was picked up in the morning at the front gate of the Rajasthan Hotel by the master wood carver, Umesh Singh, and we rode off on his motorcycle through the busy streets of Jaipur. As we criss-crossed lanes of exhaust spewing traffic, dodged holy cows, honked at broken down beggars, and plowed [...]

  • Tibetan Refugees in India – In a Land of No Return

    BYLAKUPPE, India- In 1959, on the heels of their beloved Dalai Lama, tens of thousands of Tibetans abandoned their Chinese occupied homeland and sought refuge in India. Recognizing the atrocious nature of the Chinese invasion and subsequent colonization, along with the uncomfortable political situation in which they were placed, the Indian government absorbed the mass [...]

  • Tibetan Nomad Arunachal Pradesh Senior Thesis

    Tibetan Nomad Arunachal Pradesh Tribals Senior Thesis This stop in New York City has just come a little closer to its end.I finished my undergraduate thesis and most all of my work tonight.————–Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in Brooklyn, New York City- December 13, 2005 Travelogue — Travel Photos ————–My thesis was on the difference in [...]