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South Korea

  • ESL in the Fast Lane: Lessons in Teaching English in South Korea

    With the summer hiring scene quickly approaching and a load of college graduates and other job seekers on the lookout for well-paying, yet stimulating, employment, thousands are flocking to ESL recruiters with opportunities in South Korea. Like most prospective teachers, before I went to Korea I had gathered the bulk of my “reliable” pre-arrival information from [...]

  • USA/ South Korea Free Trade (FTA), Parliament Brawls, Protests, and the Power of the Consumer

    Bombarding us with news of North Korea’s paranoid antics, U.S. media channels tend to downplay the consequences of such trifles as economic treaties. Yet while many Americans noticed nothing more than a favorable decrease in the prices of their phones and cars over the past few years, the controversial U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement ignited enough [...]

  • The Rise of Christianity in South Korea

    The Sagrada Familia. Angkor Wat. The Acropolis. Westminster Abbey. The Sistine Chapel. Wherever in the world you find yourself, you are likely to be drawn into some of the most elaborate and breathtaking structures you will ever see, most of them created with divinity in mind. More than 20% of UNESCO’s world heritage cultural sites [...]

  • And You Think You Work A Lot? South Korean Work Hours Highest in OECD

    As an American, I get a lot of flack these days about how awful the current state of my country is, how there are no jobs, how there are jobs but people simply aren’t looking hard enough for them, how Wall Street controls the universe, and how gosh darn lazy those Occupy-[metro here] protestors are [...]

  • South Korea Visas Explained

    Over the past few years the requirements to obtain work visas for South Korea have increased. Cases of sexual abuse among children, falsified college degrees, and foreigner crime are purportedly to blame for the South Korean Immigration Ministry’s tightening on its grasp of teaching visas in particular. If you are not of Korean blood or [...]

  • One Culture, One Border, Two Very Different Societies: What is the Future of the Korean Peninsula?

    A half century has now passed since Korea was bifurcated along the 38th Parallel, and the contending sides could not have developed along more opposing paths. As North Korea absconded under the cloak of a dictorial regime South Korea opened up to the West and is now booming with commerce. What was once a single culture is now two very different societies. What is the future of the Korean Peninsula? Can the two sides reunite, or are they now too different? Does anyone care anymore? With those who can even remember a unified Korea passing into old age and decreasing in number, vagabondjourny.com’s Korean correspondent, Tiffany Zappulla, asks these questions.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Travel in South Korea

    As most travelers will tell you, it depends entirely on where you want to go, what you want to do, and how high your standards are when talking about how much it costs to travel in South Korea. You can be safe sticking with the “live like a local” experience as South Korea has a [...]

  • Study Korean in South Korea

    If you are interested in learning the Korean language while in South Korea, you’re in luck – education, especially language-learning, is a high priority in the country. There are ways to learn Korean in South Korea for every type of learner with every size of wallet. Language exchanges The most inexpensive and flexible way to [...]

  • Teach English in South Korea

    Find an English teaching job in South Korea Coming to teach English in South Korea offers incredible benefits to Bachelor’s degree holders. While an ideal job for recent graduates stuck in the limbo of failing job markets, South Korea also offers an array of high-paid positions even for those with teaching credentials and other qualifications. [...]

  • Tattoos in South Korea

    Tattoos in South Korea In 1992, South Korea passed laws that defined tattooing a medical procedure and since then it has continued to be ruled an illegal practice for regular tattooists in the country without a medical license, even though only about 10 doctors in the country have obtained a license and limit their practices [...]