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  • Hitchhiking Around the World

    HANGZHOU, China- I first met Loren Everly in the windswept, desolate city of Ulanbaatar, Mongolia. We were both staying at the Golden Gobi guesthouse and bonded when I offered him an orange (a real delicacy in the non-fertile shrublands of the Gobi) and, out of sheer courtesy, he refused to accept more than half of [...]

  • Mongolia photos

    Mongolia PhotosThe following are links to photographs from Mongolia. They are of ranches, Ulaanbaatar, livestock, Mongolian people, and the Golden Gobi Guesthouse. I traveled in Mongolia during the spring of 2007. Click on the below links to view the photos:Mongolia Travel PhotosUlaanbaatar Mongolia Temple PhotosRanches, Cows, and the Countryside of MongoliaGolden Gobi Guesthouse and Train [...]

  • Hitching across the Middle Kingdom

    Hangzhou, China5.29.2007“Plan had I none, as yet, for continuing my journey. . .But plans are quickly made in the vagabond world.” -Harry Franck, A Vagabond Journey Around the WorldThough I fell in love with Mongolia I felt that it was time to leave. Feelings strike out of nowhere and I have to listen to them. [...]

  • Back Across the Great Buddha Arch

    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia5.24.2007I decided to get out of Mongolia on a whim and bought a train ticket to strike back out across the Great Buddha Arch that stretches from Japan to Korea, through China, down into South East Asia , and then back up through India, Nepal, Tibet, North-Western China, and finally ending in the steppes [...]

  • In Search of Burt the Dutchman

    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia5.23.2007I am twenty six years old today. That number looks pretty young to me, but Mira tells me that I am an old fuck. Difference of vantage point, I assume. I went out to the country side yesterday in search of a Dutchman named Burt.A couple of Swedish artist that I met in Ulaanbaatar [...]

  • Map of Mongolia

    Mongolia, nestled in between China and Russia with no outlet to the sea, is a land for Wayfaring. My plan is to go up to the Terej National park 65Km outside of Ulaanbaatar for my birthday and then strike out west. “Man, it is the wild west out there, there are wolves and everything,” a [...]

  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia5.21.2007“For the truest satisfaction of the Wanderlust is to explore the world by virgin routes and pose as a bold pioneer in the rendezvous of the “profession” ever after.”-Harry Franck, Vagabond Journey Around the WorldThis above quote sums up the approach of the traveller in Mongolia perfectly, as there are large tracts of land [...]

  • Frontier of Mongolia

    Zamyn Uud, the Mongolian frontier town on the Chinese border. There is only three things in this town: a border, a train station, and the road that goes to the border. It was an interesting little place save for the constant sand that blows all through the region. To walk through these streets were to [...]

  • Train Ticket from China to Mongolia

    Beijing, P.R. China 5.15.2007 This is my train ticket to the Chinese border with Mongolia in the Gobi desert. I had to dodge a good tourist trap punch to end up with it. It would be really nice to get out in the desert for a few days before I have to get to Ulaanbaatar [...]