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  • How to Sleep in Japan for Cheap or Free

    This is a guide to cheap or free accommodation in Japan that will fit into just about anyone’s budget. When in Japan, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars per night for a place to sleep, just intermix these options below and travel cheap.

  • How to Use Social Media and the Internet in Disaster Response

    Social media has a value beyond selfies.

  • Sendai Earthquake in Japan

    The search for Steve Mendoza.

  • Bra Welcomes Visitors to Japan

    It is a bra, it talks to tourists, Japanese women welcoming visitors to Tokyo’s Haneda airport will be wearing them this year. The bra is designed to make the most of the wearer’s breasts while having a row of electric buttons that can be pushed to set of select audio greetings from an adjacent built [...]

  • A Dying Art – Traditional Japanese Tattoo

    KYOTO, Japan- It was the apex of spring in Japan: the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and the fierce winter winds had died down to a gentle, welcoming hum. I was on a bus with an acquaintance headed to Kitaoji Dori, a fashionable district in downtown Kyoto. There, I would be formally introduced to [...]

  • Enlightenment at Ryoanji Rock Garden

    Early in the year 2004 I was in Japan with my sister, Nicky. After a little turbulence in Tokyo we decided to pan out a little in the much calmer seas of Kyoto. So we went and settled into an apartment and chilled out in the beautiful old city. I was really devote about my [...]

  • Hitch-Hiking in Japan with Mr. Fuji

    Hitchhiking in Japan with Mr. Fuji So I was standing on the side of the road in the mountains of Japan’s Shikoku Island in the middle of spring 2004. I was hitch-hiking the 88 temple Kabo Daishi pilgrimage, and a mini-van nearly ran me over as it quickly stopped to offer me a lift. I [...]

  • Chinatowns: New York, Philadelphia and my Love

    Boston, Massachusetts, USAAugust 8, 2007Wet with morning dewI go in the direction I want–Taneda SantokaChinatown in New York City.After another long week of digging holes out at the archaeology site I excitedly took the train into Boston to begin the weekend. I did not have much money to my name; and if I hoped to [...]

  • Travels of Old/ New Website

    Upstate New YorkJuly 24, 2007“He who does not travel does not know the value of men.”-Moorish proverb“Our nature lies in movement; complete calm is death.”-Pascal“To live in one land, is captivitie, to runne all countries, a wild roguery.”-Donne’ third ‘ElegieThe “Cancion del Vagabundo” website is now up. It can be visited at: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.com/ I do [...]

  • Back in the USA

    Upstate New YorkJuly 10, 2007“. . . even a rolling stone requires an occasional handful of moss.”-Harry Franck, Working North from PatagoniaAlpacas in Bosque de Piedras, Peru, 2001.As I ended up back in the USA I figure that I am afforded the opportunity to think through some of my previous travels and dig into the [...]