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Art and Music

  • Street Performers Exploit the Crowd Mentality

    “Improvision,” was scrawled on a large slab of cardboard that was taped to the door of a bar. The place was packed, I could see the actors doing their show through the window. A good scene, or so it seemed at the time. I walked in and grabbed a beer. It soon became apparent that [...]

  • Black Faced Street Performers Reenact Cartagena History

    CARTAGENA, Colombia- They call themselves the Asociacion de Artista Escemico de Cartagena, but visitors to this city best know them by their trademark black painted faces, black clothes, and black props. They are a troupe of performance artists that mime out caricatures from Cartagena’s history in the streets for pocket change. Doing their act solo [...]

  • Traveling Tattoo Artist in Mexico

    ZIPOLITE, Mexico- The buzzing sound of tattooist at work can be heard all up and down the beach of Zipolite. In this small town on the Oaxaca coast, which is basically just two streets laying parallel to each other and a 2 km beach, there are three formal tattoo studios, two artists tattooing on the [...]

  • Rugs Yarn and Tapestries in Teotitlan Oaxaca

    The following is a photo entry from Chaya Shepard about visiting the artisan workshops and woven tapestry stores in Teotitlan, Oaxaca. This is a spinning wheel in front of a loom in the entrance of a home in Teotitlan. This is a typical style loom in the city. They have two foot pedals that the [...]

  • Traveling Jewelry Artisan and Silversmith Interview

    They travel as a family through the world selling jewelry.

  • Top Travel Songs

    Top Travel Songs by Wade Shepard, 2011 Songs have the power to deliver the underlaying essence of life within a tightly compressed package like no other form of human communication. The influence of a song can get you off your feet, into trouble, in bed, or on the road. Songs also teach many of the [...]

  • Maya Dance of the Deer

    The Baile de Venados — the dance of the reindeer — is still performed by the Q’eqchi’ Maya in the eastern jungles of Guatemala for numerous celebrations. I observed this dance in conjunction with festivities connected with the International Day for Indigenous People and the graduation ceremonies of students from the Ak-Tenimit NGO school on [...]

  • In Search of a Chinese Hermit

    Visiting a Hermit and Not Finding Him: A Journey up Cold Mountain Path The Cold Mountain Road is strange no tracks of cart or horse hard to recall which merging stream or tell which piled-up ridge a myriad plants weep with dew the pines all sigh the same here where the trail disappears form asks [...]

  • Petroglyphs in Arizona

    Petroglyphs in Arizona, Archaeology field work in Tonto Forest — “I have a Petro over here!” exclaimed an archaeologist in the Tonto Forest of Arizona. We were walking out our transects through the Pinyon Juniper shrub trees on top of a highly elevated mesa in the forest. Prehistoric sites were reveling themselves out of the [...]

  • Buy Vagabond Journey T-shirt

    Support Vagabond Journey.com, buy a t-shirt — My family is a bunch of jokesters. “So you now have 99 Vagabond Journey shirts!” they laugh at me as we sit around the dinner table on a snowy New York night. They think that it is funny that I am the proud possessor of no less than [...]