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I traveled in Argentina in the autumn of 2002. I crossed into the country from Santiago, Chile and entered via Mendoza. From here I went to Buenos Aires, Uruguay, and then back to Buenos Aires before continuing south to Patagonia. The following is a collection of stories, photos, and travel information from these travels. There is also a collection of links, comments, and an advice forum for perspective travelers in Argentina. If you would like your link/ information included here, please send it to Please be sure to title the email "Argentina Travel Information."

argentina map
Map of Argentina

My Travels in Argentina- Go here for a summary of my travel experience in Argentina and Patagonia

Song of the Open Road Travel Blog posts from Argentina- The raw exposure of my journeys in the southern cone of the Americas.

Links, News, and Argentina Travel Information:
If you have any travel information about Argentina or any comments/ advice that may help the traveler in this country, please send the text and links that you would like to appear here to Be sure to title your email: Argentina Travel Information

Marie Trigona is a radical journalist who works out of Buenos Aires. Her articles focus around the Argentina labor struggle, picketaros, worker occupied factories and business, and everything else related to progressive Argentinian politics. She is a woman on the front lines of this struggle, contact her at for first hand information on the Argentine labor movement.

Marie Trigona has reported from Argentina for numerous media outlets around the world. A writer, radio producer, and film maker, her work focuses on labor struggles, social movements and human rights in Latin America. Her writing has appeared in publications including Z Magazine and ZNet, NACLA, Monthly Review, Canadian Dimension, The Buenos Aires Herald, Left Turn, Americas Program, Clamor, Venezuela Analysis, Upsidedown World, Dollars and Sense and many others. She collaborates with video and direct action collective Grupo Alavío. She reports for Free Speech Radio News, a daily syndicated radio news program broadcast in the U.S. Contact her with comments and questions:

Libres Mujeres- Marie Trigona's weblog which has a collection of her articles.

Znet Profile- Marie's profile on Znet

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