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Are Those Dudes Flushing Their Junk Or Is That A Urinal Bidet?

Spoiler alert: It’s the latter.

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia– I first discovered these the hard way at some point on previous tramps through Southeast Asia.

Out of my peripheral vision I’d notice guys at the urinal flushing and then sticking their hands into the streaming water and splashing off their weiners. Some would actually thrust all the way into the stream. This, apparently, was an alternative maneuver to giving it the old one, two shake.

Initially, I had a that’s fucking gross kind of first reaction. Who wants to stick their hands and genitals into the water flushing down from a public toilet?

But the more I noticed this the more I began to realize that it was a thing, and, eventually, it occurred to me that these urinals were not being flushed, they were being bidet-ed.

Apparently, these urinals second as bidets: the “second toilets” from France or the little spouts that sick out from under the back side of the seat of Japanese and Korean toilets. Apparently, the dudes here are not getting a duel-purpose-bonus for their ingenuitive way of using a urinal, as these toilets are specially made to spray, not flush.

However, these findings were not enough to provoke a secondary reaction.
Urinal bidet.

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