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Are There Any Downsides To Travel?

The other side of the world travel experience.

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On the face of it, there are lots of downsides and they put plenty of people off going in the first place. The idea of not being able to afford the trip or missing a loved one is tough and plays on your mind. However, as negative as they are, are they worth missing out of the adventure of a lifetime? The answer is no, and it’s not just due to selfish reasons. Everything you can think of to put off booking a flight is solvable, and here are the examples to prove it.

Missing Friends

Yes, it’s not easy to keep in touch with friends as much when you’re abroad. Unlike family, they don’t insist on speaking to you all the time and leave you to your devices. Some people find the disconnect between them and their best buddies tough to accept, but it’s not when you think about it logically. For one thing, you have got to live your life how you want to and not have it dictated by others. Secondly, the moment when you reconnect for the first time in ages is priceless and almost worth not being around one another daily. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Missing Events

Some events are in the calendar from the beginning of the year and worth looking forward to. Christmas is a prime example. As far as being at home goes, you want to do it at Xmas when the family vibe is at its strongest. Is it a good enough reason to miss out on traveling, though? The answer is no, and it’s due to the fact that there will be plenty more of them in the future. The same goes for friends’ birthdays and anniversaries. While it sounds harsh, they happen annually and the same isn’t true of a trip into the jungle.

Not Being Able To Afford it

Money is an issue, and it’s easy to see why it stops people with wanderlust from boarding a plane. Of course, money is relative and it’s worth getting into debt if you will never get the chance to experience anything like it again. Also, there’s the fact arrears are simpler than ever to pay off thanks to easy online loans. By applying for one, you can consolidate your loans into one basic payment and reduce the debt over time. The worst that can happen is that you have to agree to a payment plan and harm your credit, but both of them are fixable.


It can get boring when you doing the same thing on a daily basis. The good news is there is an easy solution: go to work. Working remotely gives you the opportunity to structure your travel life and while away the hours constructively instead of wasting time drinking and sleeping. Plus, the extra income will supplement you for a few more months and extend the trip, which is a bonus.

Yes, there are downsides technically. However, they are all solvable and shouldn’t prevent you from taking the plunge.

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  • Trevor July 10, 2019, 6:16 pm

    Hi Other Voices.

    The biggest downfall/let down of travels is the coming ‘home’ when the travels are done. This normally happens for financial reasons. There is no way to keep my self on the road.

    ‘Home’ is a room in my dads house where i was born. it’s quiet. cheap but not free and gives me a head ache. and sad.

    But I can find work easily and i do little else other than ‘work, sleep, eat when I can’. the longing to be back on the road is killing me now.
    it does not help that i make no effort when i am here to create a life.

    but i heard that those with ‘friends’ have a hard time communicating. After the initial ‘welcome homes’ it back to the same old week in week out shite. Friday night beer night, followed by a curry and talk about the up coming footie. then its Saturday slumped in front of the TV watching the footie with a 18 pack of Stella and a night on the town and a kebab .
    Sunday is spent sleeping and dreaming of the footie again.

    Not that i do any of that. I hate footie… i’m researching for my up coming 10 day Balkans trip.

    then it”ll be just 3 months of insane work and then i’ll be free.. again and if i could get an income of 15$ a day i’ll be away for ever

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