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  • Archaeology Project in Arizona

    Archaeology Project in Arizona — Wade: We do have a survey project going on out of Quartzsite, Arizona, through the end of September.  Then possible work beyond that on Arizona Forest surveys here and there.   If you’re interested, the pay is $12/hour, plus $35/day per diem and lodging.   The crew leaves for the field Monday [...]

  • Archaeology Field Work in USA – Searching for a Project

    Searching or an archaeology project in America, searching for inertia — I am searching for an archaeology project to work on in the wild west of America. I have been sending out my CV to the Shovelbums.org listings as well as contacting old friends in the profession. I have turned up a few leads, soon, [...]

  • How to Become A Professional Archaeologist

    How do I become an archaeologist? Do I need to attend a field school? Hello Amanda, Doing archaeology field work is an extremely effective way to achieve your dream of traveling the world and taking photos. This is precisely how I funded my travels for the first seven years. Most professional archaeologists live on the [...]

  • Interested in Anthropology

    I noticed that you are interested in Anthropology. What field are you interested in?

    I was taken in by the anthropology pretty early on. I started out with archaeology, and worked about 8 field seasons. But my degree is in cultural anthro . . . . well, I suppose technically my concentration is in Ethnographic journalism, which is just more or less applied ethnography for the purpose of writing articles.

  • Gobekli Tepe Archaeology Story

    I received a tip off more than a month ago from the Hobotraveler’s Indian techie, Andrew, that I should write a story about the Gobekli Tepe archaeology site in the southeast of Turkey. Since then, I made contact with the German Archaeology Institute, who is excavating the site, and researched all of the popular literature [...]

  • Archaeology Fieldwork in Turkey

    Hello Alison, I have not really looked too hard for any archaeology jobs in Turkey – I just did some interviews and research with the crew on Gobekli Tepe for a magazine article – but I do not have too much confidence that there is a CRM industry in this country. All of Turkey is [...]

  • Archaeology Fieldwork in USA

    Howdy Brent, Good to hear from you again. September is actually the best time for finding archaeology fieldwork in the USA. The contracting firms often want the archaeology work cleared by winter, so the autumn is a busy time for digging. This is often compounded by the fact that numerous permits and nonsense need to [...]

  • Unearthing Warnings from the Maya

    COPAN RUINAS, Honduras- White flecks of bone glimmered in the archaeologists’ sifting screens and the excitement among the crew was building as the remains of a human being would soon be unearthed after an undisturbed slumber of more than 1,000 years. I watched as the old Honduran archaeologist scraped off the remaining bits of parched, [...]

  • Woolly Mammoth Skeleton

    Woolly Mammoth Skeleton at American Museum of Natural HistoryI spent an insurmountable amount of time when I was a little kid staring into a postcard of a woolly mammoth skeleton. The card was postmarked sometime in the 1950s, and some guy wrote an incredibly general message to another guy upon the back of it. What [...]

  • Archaeology Fieldwork Interview

    Archaeology Fieldwork InterviewThe following interview was completed to fulfill a request from an old friend for one of his university projects.I have completed 7 seasons (2-4 months a year) of professional archaeology fieldwork in North America as well as stints on Copan in Honduras and on a Monteno site on the Manabi coast of Ecuador.————–Wade [...]