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  • How to Choose an Archaeology Field School

    How to choose an archaeology field school ? Hello Yogi, First of all, make sure that the archaeology fieldwork programs that you are looking into are actual field schools. Make sure that it is for a duration for at least six weeks, that it is taught by an accredited university, and that you get some kind of certification (or [...]

  • Paid Archaeology Fieldwork

    How do you become an archaeologist? Hello Elijah, After going to university and taking a degree in either Anthropology or Archaeology coupled with a field school your options for employment are rather vast. There is an industry in the USA and Canada called Cultural Resource Management (CRM), which is basically to say professional archaeology. Most [...]

  • Archaeology Fieldwork in Bhutan

    Archaeology Fieldwork in Bhutan Submit information and links about doing archaeology fieldwork in Bhutan. Are you looking for an archaeology project in Bhutan? Have you previously completed archaeological research in Bhutan and have advice to share? Do you know of a university or research organization excavating in Bhutan who may be in need of hiring [...]

  • Hasankeyf – Another Ancient City to be Destroyed

    12,000 years of history vs. 4,200 gigawatts of electricity.

  • Archaeology Anecdotes – Crew Walks On

    Archaeology Anecdotes taken from autumn of 2009 — The archaeology crew was beaten, bloodied, sprained, and exhausted after 38 miles of surveying through thick walls of prickly pear, manzanita, cat’s claw and an assortment of nature’s more malicious varieties of plant life. The heat of the sun was sharp at 7,000 feet of elevation and [...]

  • Archaeologists Stupider Than Chickens

    Archaeology fieldwork makes me look old. “Fit as a fiddle,” is how Fruugal gently describes it. “Old” is how I do. I wear my 8 seasons of archaeology fieldwork on my face. The sun, heat, cold, wind, rain, snow — all of nature’s moods in the extreme — greet me in rapid succession whenever I [...]

  • Petroglyphs in Arizona

    Petroglyphs in Arizona, Archaeology field work in Tonto Forest — “I have a Petro over here!” exclaimed an archaeologist in the Tonto Forest of Arizona. We were walking out our transects through the Pinyon Juniper shrub trees on top of a highly elevated mesa in the forest. Prehistoric sites were reveling themselves out of the [...]

  • How to Become an Egyptologist

    How do I become an Egyptologist? What should I study in high school to prepare? Hello Stephany, The field of Egyptology is perhaps the most competitive area of archaeology as far as finding work that will keep you in the field and money in your pocket. But it can be done if you are diligent [...]

  • Traveling Out West Going Back East

    Traveling Back East — Americans say, “Traveling out west,” to indicate that your direction of locomotion is westerly, and “Going back east,” to indicate travel in the opposite direction. “Traveling out west, going back east.” It is automatic to use these terms. “I am from back east.” “I was out west.” ——————— Arizona, Southwest USA, [...]

  • Archaeology in Arizona Project Completed

    My work here is done. The archaeology project in the Tonto forest has come to completion. The company that I have been working with for the past 11 weeks has cut its crew loose: “There is no more work for you, go on your merry way.” The message is clear: I am now joyfully unemployed. [...]