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  • The Strange Lives of Komodo Dragons

    What life is like on an island of Komodo dragons.

  • Dyed Tiger Puppies Sold in the Streets of China

    Dyed “tiger” dogs are still being sold throughout China.

  • Chinese Zoo Culture: Animal Abuse Or A Lack Of Cultural Relativism?

    While it’s generally bad form to go into another country and start flinging around the morality of your own culture, there was something at the Nanshun Crocodile Park that tweaked even my worn out sense of cultural relativism.

  • Watch: Cormorant Fishing

    Cormorant fishing is still practice in China, but for how much longer?

  • How Chinese Chickens Get Defeathered (video)

    Check out this crazy chicken defeathering machine.

  • A Date With Wild Beasts In Nepal’s Chitwan National Park

    Think you can’t get out into the wild and stand face to face with beasts on a tour? Think again.

  • Live Roosters Used As Archery Targets At Jilin Ice Festival

    Hit a bull’s eye? Nope. How about a rooster’s body? At the Ice Festival at Jilin live roosters are hung upside down on a big block of ice and used as targets in an archery game. Tourists pay for a chance to skewer the hapless birds with arrows. From QQ, translated by China Smack: 2013 [...]

  • China’s Interactive Zoos: Come Pelt Lions With Snowballs

    We’ve reported on the behavior of visitors in Chinese zoos on numerous occasions — from feeding garbage to monkeys in the Nanjing Zoo to giving cigarettes to macaque and baboons in the Taizhou Zoo — but it is our impression that the photos that surfaced on China’s social media networks of a mob of men pelting lions with snowballs in the Hangzhou [...]

  • Chinese Rescue 1000 Cats Instead of Eating Them

    A truck carrying 1,000 cats crashed in Hunan province on its way to restaurants in Guangdong. A police officer sent out a call via Weibo and dozens of volunteers showed up to rescue the poor cats and treat the ones that were injured. The group then paid the driver of the truck for the “livestock” [...]

  • Hawaii For The Vagabond Naturalist

    Tourism and conservation, the Catch-22 of the “Extinction Capital of the World.”