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And A Film From The Lockdown

Laughing Through Lockdown.

Comedy lockdown
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While my web presence dwindled a little through the Covid pandemic, I was busy behind the scenes … I guess that’s how you could put it. However, I have to admit that my strategy was flawed: I was mostly focused on working with bigger companies and building skills rather than documenting the historic upheaval that was going on all around me. It’s kind of ironic: I moved to NYC to up my filmmaking profile by moving away from the medium of publishing that I would have found the most success at.

But that’s the way this game sometimes goes. You have no idea how things will work out. All paths that you chose are at the exclusion of all others. How was I to know that the film that I worked on with a major company seems as if it will never actually be released?

However, I did come out of it with one short film. It was one that I did for another outlet that I rediscovered one day while digging through a hard drive. I watched it and was left in a weird state of cerebral suspension — that entire Covid era now seems like a weird dream … and is almost tough to believe that it really happened. Why not release the film online, if for no other reason than posterity?

So I reopened the project in Resolve, made a few tweaks, and let it go:


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