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Alternative Family Holiday Destinations in Europe

Discover a different kind of Europe.

It is remarkably easy to fall into routines when it comes to your family holidays. You’ll cling to that single resort that proved to be the easiest to handle with the kids, and you haven’t tried anywhere else since. But what about when you want something different? Resort holidays can prove to be very similar to one another, so we’ve collected together some of the best alternative holiday destinations in Europe for you and your family. So get packing, check your passports and e111 cards, find some discounts (mrdiscountcode.hk/expedia/), and get ready for your memorable trip to Europe.


While Croatia still offers the opportunity to play in pools and sunbathe along the beaches, there is also far more to do in this stunning location. Why not take part in an activity holiday? Kayaking, cycling through the villages on Sipan Island, and snorkelling are all alternatives to simply sitting by the water for the whole of your trip, and will keep the whole family entertained. It’s far less crowded than Greece, and just as beautiful, but it can also be done on a budget – a must for some families.


For families that are fans of skiing, a winter trip to Slovakia is a good alternative to ski lodges and resorts. While you can still ski in the Tatranska Lomnica, there is also the opportunity to experience husky-sledding, and snowshoeing through the wilderness – of course, this will depend on you and your family’s preferences. The thermal pools in Bukowina also make for a worthwhile visit, and with even more winter activities available, there is so much more to be done than just skiing.


For a holiday that is still in Europe but gives you a feeling of being further away from home, Slovenia is the perfect choice. It may be small, but the varied landscapes are stunning, whether you get a view of the towering mountains or the mysterious caves and lakes. With minimal travel between locations, this destination makes for a convenient holiday when you have younger children filled with plenty of activities. From summer tobogganing, white-water rafting, zip lining or exploring caves, there is plenty to do.


Known as one of the best destinations for a more authentic European feel, Albania is quite possibly a hidden gem. Visit stunning waterfalls and thermal pools, or go hiking around the canyons and Llogara National Park. You can go rafting on the River, and with stunning beaches, there is plenty of opportunity to get some relaxation into your itinerary too.


Montenegro is filled with gorgeous medieval towns and views to die for, and with its gorgeous beaches to rival any of those in Europe, there’s no reason not to go to Montenegro on your trip. This small and beautiful destination is filled with culture and plenty to do. It’s under the radar as a travel destination, and has quickly become a firm favourite for holidaymakers who are in-the- know. In short, this destination is perfect for sunny climates and sandy beaches, without the hordes of tourists of other European destinations.

Or, if you don’t like these suggestions you can always go with the crowd and find out what to do in Amsterdam.


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