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5 Steps to Break-Up with Boredom and Start Courting Travel Made Easy

Get out of the doldrums and travel the world.


Welcome to your step-by-step guide to saying goodbye to your boredom through travel made easy on AllSocial.

We’ve all been in this scenario at one point in time: It’s a Tuesday afternoon in January and your office mate is on the phone having their daily this-is-far-too-personal-for-a-shared-space-conversation-with-someone-on-the-phone’ telephone call tight in your ear. You’ve already played Solitaire 331 times today and beaten your personal best on most of those rounds, and yet you still aren’t quite desperate enough to actually get to work. The only thing more dreadful than the weather outside (freezing cold winds surrounded above by deceptively thick gray slush and clouds again) is the fact that you know exactly what you have to do at work and it leaves you feeling ultimately tired, bored and annoyed for the next 10 hours until you go to sleep. It’s the same thing you have been doing and feeling for weeks, maybe months at a time.

The activity is nothing and the overwhelming feeling is boredom. It happens to the best of the best, but it doesn’t have to be this way forever and it certainly never has to be that way for you ever again.

AllSocial has five steps to take to finally say adios, hasta la vista, au revoir, Namaste, and goodbye to staring into space with a blank mind or literally watching the clock tick down as you await the end of yet another uninspiring workday. These five steps have been laid out for people just like you: interesting, adventurous people who just happened to end up chained to a desk Monday through Friday from 9 – 6 pm, 365 days a year for the foreseeable expansive and vapid future.

It’s time to break up with your boredom. Monotony was not meant for you. Follow these steps to meet excitement, wonder, and inspiration again.

Step 1: Start

AllSocial’s travel and outdoor pages are all about inspiring you to journey forth and push past the barriers that hold you back. We catch your eye with scenes of beautiful places and link you to great resources to show you what else those places have to offer. On the new social media site AllSocial, you can even begin curating a feed especially tailored to help you and your travel mates plan your ideal trip, be it one week, one month, or a whole year long!

Step 2: Discover

AllSocial has everything you need to plan your trip. Sift through different pages to find the best travel tips and ideas perfectly suited for you and your family’s specific needs. The Travel page sends you around the globe canoodling with every culture under the sun. This super fun getaway page offers you practical tips on how you can start to today and make that 5 pm office dream of Parisian Nights into a very real and romantic stroll down the Champs Elysees!

Budget travel helps you to satiate your wanderlust without breaking the bank. The outdoors or outdoor kids, and national parks will make you think you’ve already pitched the tent, sprayed the bug repellent on all the kids, and come back from your daily fish-for-dinner fishing trip to the cookout and you’ve already communed with nature and fully mitigated to wilds of the great outdoors.

Adventure, voyaging, and beautiful beaches will inspire you with possibilities.

Cabins in the woods shows you the joy of living close to nature and intriguing alleys reveals the beauty that towns and cities also offer.

Step 3: Choose

By now, you’ve seen a good deal of options when it comes to your favorite travel destinations.

  1. Identify what you like and don’t like.
  2. Spend some time reflecting on your travel goals.
  3. Answer a few of these key questions:
    1. How much time do I have to travel?
    2. What is my budget?
    3. When can I travel?
    4. What is the weather like in the places I want to go to?
    5. Is there anyone I want to travel with?

Become familiar with all the variables one might and very well will face on each of these trips. It is important to be prepared and to know what you’re getting yourself into. Fortunately, AllSocial has information available on what many different places look like in all different seasons, so you should be easily informed.

Step 4: Book

On AllSocial, there is loads of information on how to book a trip. Many of the resources available on the website link to blogs and other services. Research is important here, too. Would You Sleep Here? asks that all-important question when weary travelers are ready to lay their heads down to rest after a day full of new experiences.

Step 5: GO

As Mark Twain once wrote, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

Get out there, travel, and be inspired! Find the best version of you! The you without limits and full of appreciation for the fullness of every single moment of life! Never let yourself fall into boredom again. Once you see how big and beautiful and bountiful the world is, you will never settle for less than vibrant.

Repeat these five steps as many times as you can and as often as possible. The world is big and your life can be, too. Break out of the cubicle, abandon your blues, and step into the life that has been waiting for you.

Discover the places your heart has been waiting to experience, the stimulation and beauty your brain has been crying out for, and the connection your spirit has been yearning for. Inspiration is out there, so what are you waiting for?

Break up with boredom for good and live the life you were meant to.

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