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All You Need to Know About Boat Maintenance

How to ensure that your boat is fit for travel.

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Having a boat is capital intensive, and as such proper care has to be taken to ensure that the boat is well maintained to the extent of its durability, safety and functionality. With these, you are able to avoid spending very large amounts of money on repairs, really improve your boating experience and ensure that your boat is always in the right condition for the next ride. This article has all the information that one needs to really understand about boats and their maintenance including the inspections, sourcing of parts and replacement.

Why It’s A Good Idea For You To Always Service Your Boat

It is a very good practice to service the boat at regular intervals for the following reasons. It really helps in identifying potential issues that may lead to complaints, ensures the proper functioning of the boat, and enhances the lifespan of the boat. In addition to being safer, a well-maintained boat is simply a boat that is more enjoyable to have and use. Neglecting the tools and equipment leads to breakdowns, accidents and expensive repairs and replacements.

Sourcing and Replacing Parts

Some of the parts of the boat will at one point in time likely require replacement because they may have been worn out. The right parts are very important for the boat’s performance and its safety which is why finding the right suppliers is crucial. To start, figure out the areas that you require to replace; you can seek guidance from the boat’s manual for suggestions and remember, it is very important to only buy your parts for boats from recognized dealers/ suppliers and make sure that these parts are indeed very suitable for the boat you own. Maintaining a record of the part numbers and the activities that have been done will really assist in the future with easier repairs and replacements.

Hull Inspection and Cleaning

The structure of the hull is a critical part of your boat, and therefore, it must be well maintained at all times. Often times you will be able to notice some damages, cracks or even blisters that need repair work done. Cleaning the exterior part of the boat, particularly the bottom part of the hull is to avoid the growth of algae, barnacles and other organisms that may hinder the movement of the boat and also reduce its fuel consumption. Clean the hull with recommended detergents and brushes and if necessary, apply anti-fouling paint on the hull.

Engine Maintenance

Engine is the most important component of the boat and proper care is needed to ensure its good working condition. Oil should be checked frequently and replaced as advised by the manufacturer. Clean or replace fuel and oil filters, spark plugs and belts. Flush the engine at a regular interval to wash out salt and dirt and other deposition. Listen for any strange noises, feel the vibrations that may not be normal, or even observe smoke coming out from the engine bay, as this may need the service of a mechanic.

Electrical System Checks

Another important system which should be checked time to time is the electrical system. Check whether the battery has any remnants of corrosion, whether it is charged and replace it if it is dead. Inspect the wiring and all the connections to ascertain that none of them is faulty or has been very unfortunately frayed. It is also very important to switch on the lights, the navigation systems and any other electronic gadgets to confirm that they are in really good condition. Proper care on the part of the boating enthusiasts for the electrical system of the boat means that they will not experience power failure and the boating experience will be very safe.

Maintaining Safety Equipment

Safety is a very essential aspect of life and it is really crucial to ensure that your safety gear is in proper condition. Check life jackets, fire extinguishers, flares and first aid kits from time to time to confirm that they are working very well as they should and have not reached their expiry date. Clean the engine as well as the bilge pumps, anchor and ropes and ensure that there are no potentially dangerous tears. Ensure that your communication equipment like the VHF radios is healthy to use. Having your safety equipment in the right condition for use in the event of an emergency can very well be the determinant of life and death.

Seasonal Maintenance Tips

Depending on the season, there are certain tasks that really need to be done for the boat’s proper maintenance. It is advisable to winterize your boat especially if you are using it in colder regions, to help it withstand the freezing temperatures, a process that entails allowing the water to drain from the water systems, putting anti-freeze and storing the boat. When in warmer climates, it is advisable to really protect the boat from the sun and moisture as this may damage the boat. Mold and mildew should be checked for on a very regular basis for any signs of corrosion and learn how to keep them at bay.

Preventative Measures

There are several preventive measures that if taken can greatly help in increasing the life span of your boat. It is very widely recommended that you clean and inspect all areas of your craft internal and external. Only use really good quality and marine-grade items for cleaning and maintaining of the boat. Do not leave your boat exposed when you are not using it because this might damage it. Ensure you take the boat for service and checkup often to avoid the occurrence of faults. Observing the above precautions will really assist you in making good use of your boat for many years to come.


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