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Airlines with the Best Business Class

Who to fly for the best business class experience.


When deciding on a vacation, people choose the most suitable and the most comfortable means of transport to deliver them to their destination point. Nowadays, travelers are free to take water, automobile, railway, or air transport. Traveling by air has come to people’s lives relatively recently, but it has already proved to be the fastest and the most convenient way. No doubt, air travel has its advantages and drawbacks; moreover, it may be not everybody’s cup of tea. Yet, undertaking some effort, it is possible to book a ticket with airlines offering the best business class deals at an affordable price and enjoy every minute of the journey. The Airbusiness Class company enables you to take the right decision within a short time and satisfy all your needs.

Which Airline Has the Best Business Class?

Many global airlines follow the tendency of omitting first class offers towards improving international business class, converting it into the classiest option. That’s why lots of passengers can take advantage of business class seats and travel with comfort.

But first of all, it is necessary to differentiate between economy and business class. Without taking into consideration the service quality and amenities, the biggest difference is the availability of a flat bed in business class. A great number of people prefer to rest in bed during a flight, especially on long-haul ones. Obviously, a gourmet menu, amenity kit, and lounge can contribute to your impressions, but the possibility to sleep in a comfortable and quiet place is crucial.

Keeping in mind certain criteria, let’s look at some of the best business class airlines:

  1. Qatar Airways Qsuite

This airline is the most outstanding in arranging comfort, delicious food and beverages, and high-end service. These features make them perfect for solo travel, a family trip, or a journey with a group of colleagues.

  • Delta One Suites

The company offers you the utmost privacy with a sliding door hiding your seat. Although its flights are limited in number, the airline can inform you on a prospective flight.

  • Singapore Airlines Business Class

The company made a revolution in flying comfort by introducing double beds in its business class cabins. The biggest disadvantage you might find with this airline is the amenity kit absence.

Which Airline Has the Cheapest Business Class?

Everyone wants to enjoy a convenient flight without spending a fortune on tickets. Fierce competition among airlines forces them to raise the quality standards of business class while lowering the cost of tickets. The following companies are the best deal for cheap flights.

  • Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is one of the most famous carriers, flying to 120 countries all over the world. They offer luxurious seats on international flights three times cheaper than their rivals.

  • British Airways

The company allows buying business class tickets on transatlantic flights at affordable prices. Moreover, there are up to $200 discounts for AARP members.

  1. Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air claims to be the best low-cost airline for long-haul flights. It is perfect for traveling with much comfort for a reduced price.

Which Airlines Have Flat Beds in Business Class?

Flat beds are essential for having a good night’s sleep and peaceful rest, especially during long flights. There is a short list of airlines with flat beds in business class:

  • Air Canada

The company is claimed to provide consistent service quality attached to its luxurious cabins. The seats on a plane are arranged in reverse herringbone system while worthy food and beverages double the pleasure.

  • Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific business class is an affordable way to travel, providing cabins with reverse herringbone seats.

  • Oman Air

It is impossible to get to America with the company, as they don’t have direct flights in this direction. Still, you can enjoy super comfortable seats, direct aisle access, and complete privacy if choosing other routes.

  • Etihad Airways

The seats here are famous for their utmost comfort. Besides, they provide a big deal of amenities and appropriate service.

Which Airline Has the Widest Business Class Seats?

Of all the airlines mentioned in this article, Singapore Airlines’ 777 boasts the widest business class seats in the sky. It may seem they are really gigantic, featuring 28 inches of seat width. Moreover, there are not-to-disturb buttons available to achieve decent privacy. The company provides a traveler with a vast number of flight variants. For example, if traveling with a companion, you can occupy a middle seat pair and enjoy tons of free space just for the two of you.

As it can be seen from the article, even the world’s best business class tickets can be found at a cheap price. Large seats, an entertainment system, and an excellent choice of meals will make your flight unforgettable. Undoubtedly, every product has its strengths and weaknesses, so make your choice carefully.


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