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Air Travel: 5 Dos and Don’ts

How to behave when flying to ensure a smooth journey for you and everyone around you.

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It’s that time of year. Holiday travel brings out the best (and the worst) in us. Air travel, for example, has a strong safety record. Airlines have enhanced their ticketing. And airports offer significantly improved customer experience. 

Still, travelers dread airport transportation traffic on arrival and departure. Viral pandemics, unexpected weather events, labor shortages, and canceled flights continue to tax their patience. But, travelers can improve their experience by following the dos and don’ts examined here.

5 Dos take the stress out of air travel

Do expect discomfort 

Transport Reviews remarks that “Air travel offers a restrictive passenger experience in terms of available space and the ability to change one’s position or journey.” Seating is narrow, legroom is tight, and restrooms are cramped. But passengers can approach the limitations with a positive attitude.

Do dress for the occasion

Passengers should dress comfortably and casually. Even business travelers can favor fabrics and fashion that permit some relaxation. And all passengers should dress with some respect for those around them. 

Do book air transportation ahead of time

Vehicle traffic and parking issues add worries on arrival and departure, especially if you are unfamiliar with the airport. Innovative airport transportation technology helps passengers to browse through thousands of trusted providers, comparing ratings and prices. Strategic pre-booking airport transportation solves a big problem.

Do invest in TSA PreCheck

The TSA PreCheck program identifies safe frequent flyers, speeding them through airport security. The $85 fee provides five years of membership and allows children 12 and under to ride on their parents’ membership.

Do pack strategically

Aircraft manufacturers design overhead storage bins to hold a lot of baggage. A carry-on bag lets you skip baggage on arrival. However, standard carry-on luggage limits what you can pack. Makeup, toiletries, and shoes take up space, so you should lay out your wardrobe options before cutting them in half.

5 Don’ts to improve your travel experience:

Don’t take up space

With legroom at a premium, passengers should not steal space with bulky coats and multiple tech devices. They should respect their seatmates’ right to that space below the seat in front of them.

Don’t be a bother

Everyone travels better when you respect each other. Drunk, loud, and confrontational travelers make everyone uncomfortable. 

Don’t forget to plan

Family and friends have a need-to-know how, where, and when they can reach you in case of emergency.

Don’t sit still

On smooth flights, it makes sense to walk around to prevent cramping and poor circulation. 

Don’t forget to eat and drink

A doctor, writing for WebMD, says, “I try to drink at least a cup of water for every hour I am flying, as well as increase my water intake pre- / post-flight.” Staying hydrated helps combat the air pressure and quality. 

A final thought

It takes a marvelous machine to get you from here to there. But real and imagined pressures make commercial flight more difficult. Passengers who follow these dos and don’ts relieve that pressure. Pre-booking airport transportation, for instance, gets you there and home safe and on time.

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