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Ivory Coast

  • Second Ivorian Civil War Podcast with Andy Graham

    In March of 2011, a contested presidential election in Cote d’Ivoire lead to politically motivated violence as well as opportunistic rioting throughout the country. As the militaries/ militias of both presidential candidates attacked their opponent’s supporters the country feel into disarray. On one side of the line was the standing president, Laurent Gbagbo, a Christian; [...]

  • Names of Countries are Different Relative to Language for a Reason

    Ivorians call their country Côte d’Ivoire, the Thai call their country Prathet Thai, the Chinese call their country Zhōngguó, the Japanese call Japan Nippon, Russians call their homeland Rossiya, the Fins call their country Suomi, the people who live in the Czech Republic call it Česká Republika, Turkey is known to its residents as Türkiye, [...]