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  • Isabelle Eberhardt

    Isabelle Eberhardt: The Personification of Romance “Africa ingests and assimilates everything that is hostile to it. Perhaps it is the Predestined Land from which the light that will regenerate the world will one day emerge!”–Isabelle Eberhardt“One very graceful impression is that of sunset over the port and the terraces of the upper town, and the [...]

  • Isabelle Eberhardt: An Interview with the Kathleen Modrowski

    Isabelle Eberhardt: An Interview with the anthropologist, Kathleen ModrowskiThe following is an interview with the anthropologist, Kathleen Modrowski about the life, times, writings, and character of Isabelle Eberhardt. Kathleen conducted the bulk of her anthropological research in North Africa, and found records of Eberhardt while going through old economic archives in Algiers. This discovery sparked [...]