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VagabondJourney.com is flagship of the travel writer Wade Shepard. It is one of the top independently operated travel websites on the internet. Each day, more than 3,000 unique travel enthusiasts visit the site for our high quality, experience woven, budget travel information. We have been named a top travel blog by Wisebread.com, Johnnyvagabond.com, Off Track Planet, and Wade is an inductee of The Longest Way Home’s modern traveler hall of fame.

Vagabond Explorer is the official magazine of Vagabond Journey Travel, and it is a biyearly publication showcasing the best of travel literature, current events, how to tips, and money saving information. Vagabond Explorer has been featured on NBC LA News, on MSNBC, in the Travellerspoint.com newsletter, on Travelblogs.com, and in many other top publications. Download a free copy of Vagabond Explorer now!

Running an advertising program on VagabondJourney.com and/or Vagabond Explorer Magazine can help bridge the gap between potential customers and your business, make the public aware of your services, or just to let everyone know that you run a travel business recommended by real live, tested and true world travelers. We at VagabondJourney.com are looking to build real partnerships with advertisers and to genuinely promote your products and services.

Please feel free to contact us at vagabondsong [at] gmail.com.

VagabondJourney.com site stats

Unique visitors: 100,000 monthly

Page views: 180,000 monthly

PR: 4/10

Alexa rank: 77,000

Download our press/ media kit for more site information.

How to advertise with us

There are many ways to go about initiating an advertising partnering with VagabondJourney.com. We accept all forms of advertising, but mostly like to engage in brand awareness campaigns of high quality companies in the travel business. We have a few advertising programs to choose from which can be paid for on a CPC or yearly basis, but the best way to initiate taking advantage of our advertising opportunities is to send and inquiry through the form below (private) or emailing Wade Shepard directly at vagabondsong [at] gmail.com.

Current ad space available on VagabondJourney.com

728 X 90 px banner above content- These adverts can be placed on a single page, across the entire site, or on selected sections.

728 X 90 px banner below content– Can be placed on a single page or on entire sections of the site.

125 X 125 px banner at the top of the sidebars- These adverts can be placed across entire site or on one section only.

In content advertising is also available, get in touch to discuss this.

Advertising opportunities in Vagabond Explorer Magazine

Half page ad (clickable)- $200 per issue.

Full page ad (clickable)- $400 per issue.

To take advantage of these advertising options or to find out more about our packages, please send in your query through the private form below or directly to me via email at vagabondsong [at] gmail.com.


Wade Shepard

Founder/ Editor, Vagabond Journey Travel