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Advantages Of A Royal Holiday Vacation Club Membership

Why get a holiday timeshare?

Tortuga, Costa Rica

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club makes dreams come true by facilitating sweet escapes at affordable rates. Members are able to enjoy a large number of opportunities as well as a good level of flexibility. There is a wide range of destinations to choose from beaches in the Caribbean to luxury hotels in Asian cities. The company has established a presence in nearly all continents so people can get different types of experiences depending on their preferences. Club resorts will always be there thanks to long-term contracts while affiliated resorts are available short-term to add diversity.

The Benefit of Timeshares

The membership works on the basis of timeshares. Instead of buying a property in a popular vacation spot which would cost a massive amount of money, they can avail of timeshares which allow them to use a property for a certain number of weeks per year. Multiple holidaymakers do the same such that every member gets to have their own vacation schedule. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will be stuck with a single destination throughout your membership. The great thing about the club is that you can exchange your “home” timeshare weeks for a chance to visit other Royal Holiday Vacation Club resorts.

This is definitely a more affordable way of owning property since you will only need to pay a fraction of the actual cost. For example, if you want to use a resort for one week every year, then you simply have to shell out a proportional amount to that time period. What’s more, you don’t have to constantly deal with maintenance issues as a property manager will take care of that. Enjoy the ability to use prime vacation homes at reasonable rates. Note that there are many different timeshare contracts so be sure to study the terms of your agreement to avoid any future surprises.

Comparing Timeshares and Hotels

You might think that this is not that different to booking hotels in advance but there are actually quite important distinctions. For example, the quality of the rooms is far superior in timeshare suites. You are more likely to find deluxe accommodations in the club resorts as they were built for an upscale clientele. In a typical hotel room, you are like to see just one or two beds in a single room. Everyone will have to share the bathroom. When it’s time to eat, the only kitchen equipment on hand are microwaves, coffee makers, and small fridges. There might be a chair and table next to the bed, as well as a hidden ironing board.

A timeshare suite, on the other hand, will have anywhere from 1 to 3 private bedrooms inside. That alone will allow a big family to sleep more comfortably. Every bedroom has its own bath so there won’t be a long queue in the mornings. People can actually cook their own food thanks to the fully equipped kitchen that includes dinnerware, oven, and everything else that might be needed to prepare a meal. They don’t have to eat next to the bed as there will be a separate dining and living area. In most units, there are washers and dryers in a suite for laundry. There might even be a balcony, whirlpool tubs, and other perks in a few of the units.

Cost-effective Vacations with Royal Holiday

The situation is different in each resort so be sure that you are aware of what you will be getting before you sign up for your home vacation suite. Compare the rates offered by Royal Holiday Vacation Club with other timeshare companies so that you can confirm that this is indeed the most cost-effective way to plan for your regular vacations in the years to come.

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