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About Wade and Vagabond

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My name is Wade. I was born on the morning of May 23, 1981, almost exactly 100 years to the day after the birthday of Harry Franck, the colossal vagabond and my guiding star.

I hit the trail almost as soon as I turned 18, and went traveling around the east and mid-west of the USA in a funny looking green van that was older than dirt, but chugged on full of me and my band none the less. We played our songs at a Turk’s brothel in Connecticut where the old guys at the bar just yelled at us to be quiet, to one kid in a bowling alley who enthusiastically break danced in front of us in Illinois, and to a room full of timber punks on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, who attacked pop machines with baseball bats and like playing with chainsaws and blow torches. Successfully getting through these trials whetted my taste for the Open Road, and I have been traveling ever since.

I am now on year eight of my travels, and I have ventured through over 30 countries on five continents; sometimes moving slow, and sometimes moving fast. I have traveled through China for one and a half years, India for eight months, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Japan, North Africa, Central and South America, Europe, and I have still hardly been to a tenth of the countries on the globe. Read more about these travels.

Travel is my passion. This Vagabond site and my travel blog, Song of the Open Road, are my attempts to revel, and reveal, the lifestyle that I truly love. I hope that one day you will join me.

Walk Slow,


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