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A Traveller . . .

A Traveller . . .Meknes, MoroccoSeptember 24, 2007Homepage: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.comA traveller . . .Knows that “. . . an uncomfortable bed free is better than a comfortable bed unfree.” -KerouacGoes the wrong way. . . and doesn’t care.Uses a television only to hang wet laundry on.Always takes a free meal, even when they are well-fed.Knows that [...]

A Traveller . . .
Meknes, Morocco
September 24, 2007
Homepage: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.com

A traveller . . .

Knows that “. . . an uncomfortable bed free is better than a comfortable bed unfree.” -Kerouac

Goes the wrong way. . . and doesn’t care.

Uses a television only to hang wet laundry on.

Always takes a free meal, even when they are well-fed.

Knows that cheap can always be cheaper.

Tries to stay in a country for the entire duration of the visa. Unless of course, he grows tired of it and decides that life flows more freely in Thailand (ha ha ha).

Has nowhere to return to.

Never turns back.

Travels in circles, arches, and circuits rather than round- trips.

“Has clothing from 5 different countries in his bag.” – Andy (www.hobotraveler.com)

Always says “yes” to everything (except to those who want money from him).

Never has a final destination.

Never gets lost (how can you get lost if you don’t have a destination?)

Is comfortable with not speaking to people in a language that he can understand for months at a time.

Has a girlfriend/ boyfriend who thinks that they are crazy.

Has most of their friends on the internet. (who also think that they are crazy).

Has ten different currencies in their pockets at all times.
Reads all the time.

Writes even more than they read.

Is not deterred by cold showers.

Will walk a hundred miles before they allow themselves to be hustled by a taxi driver.

Loves other travellers (companeros!).

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