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A Ski Guide to Méribel-Mottaret in the French Alps

How to go skiing in the mountains of France.

French Alps

Skiing is a great way to have fun, you get release the stress you’ve underwent for days and all of the troubles you’ve went into and take it out on the snow, skiing helps you improve your body perseverance, balance & posture thanks the effort you put into it, so if you’re into skiing, this article is perfect for you.

If you’re considering a skiing holiday for this winter, then the French Alps are the perfect destination for any ski addict out there, pack your bags and get ready because this article will take you out on a ride to Méribel-Mottaret for a skiing journey in the French Alps.

If you’re curious about other activities besides ski that concern Méribel-Mottaret then this article has got you covered.

Why is skiing important?   

If you’re still confused about skiing then let me enlighten you, as fun is swimming in the summer, skiing is a whole other activity in the winter, you get to enjoy fresh mountain air and explore new sceneries in the best way possible.

The exhilaration and the adrenaline high you get from it is incomparable, you’ve got so many elements involved, you’ve got speed, the wind, the snow & the fresh air all combined to give you a wonderful experience.

It’s even a great way to lose some calories in the winter if you’re too lazy to go to the gym and take off your clothes to work out; you can swap your gym day any day if you’re going skiing because you’ll be able get to do a total body workout in a matter of minutes.

If you still don’t understand why there are ski addicts out there, then checking the articles of Ski Addict will show you why.

Man sking in France

A skiing journey in Méribel-Mottaret

Méribel-Mottaret is a family resort that’s been built in 1972 which offers visitors a great skiing experience since it’s the only one that offers faster access of all the other Courchevel resorts to the top of the Courchevel valley.

It’s split into two areas, which are Le laitlelet and Le Chatelet which are both beautifully made, Le Chatelet is on the eastern side and it’s the smaller area, it was built in 1992 for the Olympics and it’s still a very beautiful place to stay at even until now, Le laitelet on the other hand is on the western side and it’s larger than Le Chatelet, it’s been developed in the same year as the resort has been and it extends from Mottaret to the Le Hameau via a free lift.

If you’re asking yourself why is Méribel-Mottarest the perfect resort for skiing, then here is your answer, this resort due to it standing in the heart of the three Valley’s, enables its guests to have access to Val Thorens with all of the accommodation you need to ski.

Plus staying at this resorts means having everything within meters of walking distance, and if you still desire to give Méribel center a visit then you’ve got a free bus that will take you to it in only minutes, and if you’re bored of skiing and desire swimming, then Olympic Park is just a few feet away waiting for you, while you’re on your way to it, why not even try some bowling for extra fun? It’ll certainly make your day.

Skiing in France

A Ski Guide to Méribel-Mottaret

Méribel not only is a great family resort that will help you relax, but it’s also a melting pot for all types of snow sports, thanks to its connection with all the other famous fabulous resorts in Les 3 Vallées, you’ll get to enjoy more than 600 km of downhill and of intensive ski and snow sport and the Méribel Valley alone, has almost 150 km of pistes.

If you visit it for the first time, rest assured, there is a little bit of everything for everyone, but make sure to check the weather before you go out, you wouldn’t want to freeze for wearing the wrong clothes, if you’re a beginner in skiing, then it’s your lucky trip, since Motarret provides a program of individual lessons in its ESF ski school, these classes go on for 2.5 hours either in the mornings or afternoons, you get to practice your skills on nursery slops and once you master the basics you get to try the green Truite piste to ski down to Méribel.

But if you’re an intermediate, then you’ve got a wide choice of pistes to ski in, since Méribel-Mottaret is in the heart of Les 3 Vallées, you get to enjoy so many blue and red runs, you can enjoy a good run of blues if you head down to Plattières gondola and enjoy a round of ski until your reach the village, you can keep skiing down the stops until you reach Les Menuires for a ride packed with Adrenaline and adventure.

Now if you’re an expert, that’s another story, while beginners didn’t have much of a choice in pistes, experts have all the 600 km of downhill to choose from, you can access the Jerusalem piste which is known as the world’s top ten red runs to head down to the Savoyarde village, or you can take some few black runs for a more thrilling experience, to access a few black runs you can access the Face piste and the Couloir Tournier piste, on your way down the Saulire Express lift you might notice a video camera that is installed, worry not, it’s there for you so you can re-watch yourself later on once you’re done skiing.

Just keep in mind that Méribel can get quite busy, the French Alps are a very famous destination and collect up to 80 million tourist per year, so if you want to enjoy yourself and your skiing journey as much as you can, make sure to wake up early in the morning to avoid crowdy areas and busy queues.

Where to stay

Depending on what you’re looking for in your holiday, Méribel will deliver.

If you’re visiting Méribel for a traditional quiet atmosphere and aura, then Méribel Village is there for you, for more sociable people, Méribel Central is considered as the most sociable area out there, but if your journey is all about skiing and nothing else, then Motarret is the choice for you, it’s made for hardcore skiing and it’s where you should stay at.

Where to eat

There is a wide range of food choices when it comes to eating and drinking, in Mottaret on itself you’ll find almost 15 restaurants, some offer pizza, some offer pasta, some are dessert cafés and some offer French dishes like raclette.

Mottaret has also a fair number of bars where you can spend your nights out whether it’s for drinking or for partying, it’s truly an all place land since it has everything you need.

You can even find small supermarkets where you can buy food to make by yourself in where you’re staying, food in Méribel can be quite expensive so if you’re on the economic side, choosing your own food and cooking it might be a more suitable choice.

That’s the end of our article right here, now you know what choices you have when it comes to visiting Méribel and what to do upon visiting it, which includes checking the weather, and get your ski gear ready, you’ve also got all kind of activities in Méribel, you’ve got skiing for all levels, a variety of choices when it comes to food and drinking, and where to stay depending on what you like, it is truly heaven on earth.

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