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A New Set Of Clothes

Sometimes you just have to do it.

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SOFIA, Bulgaria- I made a conscious decision to travel with filming equipment rather than clothes. I have six cameras but only two pairs of pants and two shirts. Travel is a continuous exercise in decision making, and when going out to the tropics of Southeast Asia for a long-term tramp towing around a nice blazer and dress shirts and slacks is dumb.

However, every once in a while I need to attend an event or do a project where I need nicer clothing. So it’s a balancing act: do I carry nice clothes continuously not having to use them sometimes for months and risking them getting ruined and taking up much needed space or do I just buy a new set whenever I need it.

I’ve been going the later route the past couple of years.

I can usually push the boundaries and get away with just wearing a button down shirt and jeans, so the times when I need something nicer only come around five or six times per year. I’m not going to cart something around that I’m only going to use so sparingly, so I often find myself walking down the high streets and malls of the world looking for a fast set of clothes.

My criteria:

Kind of ugly.

Browns, pinks, and oranges.

Peaked lapels.


Collarless — which removes the necessity to wear a tie, which bother me immensely because I still don’t understand what they do.

Pants that well made that can jump over the line between informal and semi-formal — black jeans or khakis.

That’s about it.

Usually I drop around $150 on a new set of clothes. I do this a couple of times per year. $300 is worth not having to cart around an extra set of clothes that I rarely wear … plus I usually get paid well for events that I need to dress up for so I file this away as a business expense.

I’m going out to Oman tomorrow for a conference and then I’m going to do a project out in the desert. The following month I give a talk and moderate (or something?) at another conference in Baku. This new set of clothes will fill the bill for both events … If I don’t destroy it tramping through the desert first.


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