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A Guide To Getting To Know Cancun

Where to go and what to do in Cancun.

Cancun is a beautiful city, known for its beaches, its nearby reefs, the long streets, its shopping malls, and incredible gastronomy; without a doubt, a city you must visit on your next vacation.

In this small but very complete guide, I will talk to you about how to make the most of your next visit to the city and the activities you can’t miss.

Before you travel

If you are about to travel to Cancun but don’t know the city at all, you don’t know how its mobility system works, nor do you know the customs that the people practice in this city, this is all you need to know about Cancun:

Cancun is a relatively young city with less than 50 years of existence since its foundation that, for decades, has captivated more than one person with its incredible landscapes and multiculturalism.

CancunThe mobility system in Cancun works in a complex way. However, it will not be impossible for you to move around the city if you purchase a Cancun Airport transfers that will take you wherever you want to go, in case you travel with a big or small group of people. It is also advisable to get a transportation service.

If you want to know the city by yourself, then Cancun car rental will work better for you.

Cancun is a city with very varied customs, since, during your whole experience in this place, you will be able to meet local people more familiar with your culture than with Mexican culture. Also, you will meet people who know everything about Cancun, Mexico, and even other cultures you don’t know, a visit to Cancun is a cultural bath of many things and customs, of which you will adopt at least one. However, something essential you have to know is that in Cancun and Mexico, people are very friendly and educated, so you should treat them the same way.

When you get to the city, you will find hundreds of places where you can have a good time. However, some places are essential, that is why in this guide, I will mention the best places to visit in Cancun.

Visit Resorts

CancunCancun is known for its beautiful hotels, so on a day trip, you can book a day-pass at one of the best hotels in Cancun!

Moon Palace Resort



Or travel from Cancun to the Riviera Maya to visit the Hard Rock Hotel, ideal if you want to visit it as adults-only or if you want you can also switch to the family-friendly mode. The Hard Rock Hotel has two areas that you can enjoy according to the type of trip you want to visit Cancun.

Visit the beaches of Cancun

Cancun beach hammockYou can be sure that all the beaches in this city are beautiful from what you have seen in pictures and the internet pages of some hotels. However, there are some more striking than others, and in this list, we tell you why they are the best beaches in Cancun and also which ones you should avoid.

Marlin Beach

It has wooden kiosks where you can rest and baths, ideal for removing all the sand before getting into your car or transport.

Gaviota Beach

Close to the most famous squares and nightclubs, Playa Gaviota is ideal for visiting Cancun as a tourist, because during your stay on the beach you can listen and enjoy the DJs and live music from the nearby beach clubs, and why not, join the party.

Presidente Beach

Its name is because you can find this beach located near the Hotel Presidente, and it is famous because it does not have a direct entrance. However, you can access it by boat, or enter through Playa Tortugas and walk a couple of kilometers to the west to find a beach with low water and absolute tranquility.

Playa Delfines

This beach is not suitable for children to swim in because of the strong currents. However, you can visit it and take a couple of pictures at the lookout point and the giant letters of Cancun, a photo to show off your visit to this iconic city.

The beaches in Cancun to avoid are the following:

Playa Caracol, Playa Langosta and Playa Tortugas.

I want to clarify, they are not ugly beaches, nor are they beaches that have something terrible. However, the influx of people is enormous! And you probably don’t have room to settle in anywhere, besides the waters are not as clear as in other beaches because of the tourist movement and nearby activities like the pier.

Get to know downtown Cancun

Cancun is not only a Hotel Zone and Beaches! In this part of the city, you can get to know a little bit more about Mexican culture and buy a few souvenirs to take back to your friends and family. You will also be able to enjoy the incredible restaurants and shopping malls that I will tell you about next.

Local Restaurants in Cancun:

La Parrilla

Cheester Pasta

The Tarascos


La Habichuela

Vegan Planet

Commercial spaces in downtown Cancun and the Hotel Zone

Plaza las Américas

Outlet places

Malecón Americas

Hotel Zone:

La Isla Square

Kukulcan Square

Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center

Local places to visit in Cancun

These are some of the places you can’t miss inside Cancun:

Jardin del Arte

A breathtaking view of the Nichupté Lagoon while enjoying a picnic in the city of wonders and the green colors of it. A tip you should strictly follow is not to go swimming in the lagoon, if you want to explore it, the best thing you can do is rent a little boat on the shore or a yacht.

Malecon Tajamar Cancun

You will be able to see a very different face in Cancun through one of the longest extensions for skating after the KM of Cancun, where you will be able to see the best face of the lagoon. You will have close to you the most outstanding restaurants in the area, as well as two of the most famous squares in the city.

Market 28 and 23

Here you can learn more about the culture of Cancun, buy souvenirs, food, typical sweets in bulk, among other things.

Las Palapas Park

A local must-visit is the Parque de las Palapas, where you can learn more about Mexican culture, the flavors of the local cuisine, visit one of the most famous churches, and enjoy a cultural show if you visit this site on the weekends.

This is a small guide to know Cancun and the activities you can do to enjoy Cancun like a local.

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