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A Complete Guide To Prescription Medication while Traveling 

How to take your medicine while on the road.


Traveling abroad is one of the most joyous things that you can do. It is considered one of the most rewarding experiences in life as you get to meet and interact with new cultures. Whether traveling for business or a vacation, carrying all your essentials is crucial, and prescription medication is one thing you cannot forget. 

Traveling with your medication may seem simple, but it can be quite troublesome in some countries. The laws and regulations of each airport are different, so if you are not prepared to tackle these situations, you can fall into trouble. 

This guide will list a few things that will help you travel overseas with your prescription medication and stay within the laws. 

Carry-on Luggage 

Always make sure that you always carry your medication in your carry-on luggage. Doing so will never lose your medication, and it will always be by your side. Even though you must go through the security check, carrying your prescription medication will never get lost. Make sure that if you are taking liquid medicines, they should be kept within 3.4 ounces.

Check the Law 

Before you hit the road or board a plane, you must do your research and read the airline policy on prescription medication so that you can travel without any issues. It will also help you prepare and carry all the necessary requirements for your trip. Everything country is different, so doing a bit of research; for example, Japan does not allow sinus medications or allergy medication, as they are considered illegal. By doing so, you will ensure that you don’t fall into trouble with customs. If you plan on taking cannabis products, you need to understand that medical marijuana is legal but understanding the laws will help you through security. 

Check the Temperature 

The next you need to do is keep your medication in places that are not too hot or too cold. If you are traveling by plane, your carry-on bag is perfect because you never know how the temperature will vary after you check your luggage. If you are traveling by road in a car, you must avoid keeping your luggage in the trunk or glove compartment because it can become too hot. The last thing you want is to create an environment that will reduce the quality and effect of your medication. 

Avoid Repackage of Medication 

We all struggle with space, and while we repack many items, your medication should never be one of them. If you want to get through customs, you must ensure that all your medicines are in their respective containers to avoid suspicion. Along with your medication, make sure you have a copy of the prescription so you can pass through the security check. Whether it is liquid, oxygen tank, needles, syringes, and so on, a doctor’s letter will help you go through it easily. 


Manage Supplies 

When you travel, you must carry enough medication for your trip. In fact, carrying extra is a useful strategy to prepare you. The reason is quite simple you never know if you will find your medication in another country. The brands will obviously be different, and buying the wrong one can cause more harm to your health. For larger quantities will always require you to have a prescription, so make sure that your letter covers all medication that you are carrying. 

Restricted Medication

Narcotics are powerful and highly regulated medications, so they are often not accepted by airports. Vicodin, Codeine, Methadone, and Percocet are the most commonly known ones. If you have a choice, make sure you travel without them and if not, have a prescription. Also, ensure it is in its original container and labeled clearly. However, there will be times when you take these medications alone. It all comes down to your research because the rules are constantly changing. 

Final Words 

This guide includes six essential points that will help you travel with prescription medication easily. No matter your destination, make sure you travel with legal medication and read up on your destination airline and airport. Now that we have covered ways to safely travel with prescribed medication, here are some things you can do for a more relaxed journey


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