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Contribute to Vagabond

Get sent a postcard!

A regular reader and friend by the name of Motorcycle Bob recently sent me an email asking how he could contribute funds to me and  Vagabond

I had no idea how to answer his question, and I hesitated with stories of how I feel shy accepting money from people and various other reasons about why I have not previous set up a way for readers to contribute a little bean money here and there to the site. Then Motorcycle Bob cut through the bull and wrote:

"I read your message.   Remember, this is not charity.   You are working hard giving us something good to read.   We would like to pay you back.    You provide a service, a service that is worth money to some.   For others, maybe it is not, or they can't afford it.   By making it easy, but not in the way, those of us that can and would like to, can help.    Capitalism with a twist."

Bob L.

I can not object to this. So if any readers would like to contribute a days worth of travel funds ($10) to me and Vagabond, I will show my appreciation and gratitude by sending you a postcard from some far flung corner of planet earth (well, if you want, of course.   

$10 gets me one whole day of traveling, which is also one whole day of writing and building Vagabond So if you would like to make a "1 day of travel" contribution, you can click on the "donate" button that is below or the one on the main page of Vagabond

I will then send you a postcard from somewhere on planet earth in appreciation! (note: if you do not want a postcard, then I will just write a nice thank you message on the travel blog).  

Click on the donate button to contribute "1 day of travel" to Vagabond!

Contribute to Vagabond
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