How to Replace Debit Card while Traveling

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How to Replace Debit Card while Traveling

Hello Tony,

Yeah, loosing your debit card while traveling can be a hassle. I have been fortunate enough to have never needed my card to be replaced overseas, but I have traveled with two people whose cards expired and needed to be replaced.

The first instance we were in Bangkok and my friend just went to the HSBC (his bank) headquarters and ordered a new one. I remember this not being as cut and dry as is sounds, as we had to go there in person at least three or four times and he made multiple phone calls and got tied in a real good bureaucratic knot. But in the end he got a new card and we were able to travel on. I think the whole procedure took around two weeks, which did not matter too much to us, but this could be a disastrous amount of time for a tourist on a short vacation.

The second instance was in India and my friend needed to have a new debit card sent to her. We had a steady address and the card arrived on time by super fast mail. I do not know what bank she used, but they were good about mailing her another card quickly.

It is my impression that most banks are willing to mail debit cards overseas to their clients. I know this is how Andy the gets his, and I do not recall him ever having a real problem with this.         

I think that if I ever lost my card I would first cancel it, then find a reliable place to receive mail, then request the card to be sent by super speed, secure mail. I do not look forward to the day where I have to deal with the bank robots to get a debit card sent to me overseas. But I know that someday it will happen.

Thanks for writing,


Question about debit card loss and replacement:

Hiya Wade,
Debit/Credit cards - loss?

If you were to have your Debit card go missing, while travelling, how would you go about getting a replacement? I ask this as, a while ago, I took a trip around the world and deliberately took an Amex card with me. The sole reason being that they (Amex) promise to get a replacement card to you no matter where you are (I did wonder how they'd do it if I'd lost the thing while in Iran :-).

have fun
Tony P

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