Travel Is Not Dangerous

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Travel Is Not Dangerous

Answer: International travel is not any more dangerous than living in USA

Traveling is not so hard or dangerous. So quell the fears of your family by doing it! After a couple of weeks out you will realize that it is far more difficult and stressful doing anything in the sedentary world than it is to travel. Honesty, you have nothing to worry about. The world is safe for those who acknowledge their personal well being.

Traveling sounds like something that you need to do. There is absolutely nothing to loose, remember that. If you do not like a place that you are in you can always leave; if you do not feel like traveling anymore you can always return to the shoes that you are standing in right now.

The only fear that I have in travel is driving in the USA. If you are brave enough to drive a car in and out of big cities during rush hour then you have the gumption to travel anywhere in this world

Just learn to be calm in yourself, look people in the eye, and know that you live where your feet land. Just be comfortable, walk slow, drink tea, smoke a pipe, love and admire landscapes and you will be alright.

I think you need to do this. Do not give it a second thought. You were blessed with the intuition - the feeling - to buy a one way ticket across the world with determination to move across it and see for yourself what others can only know from textbooks.

Appreciate, but do not worry about the warnings of you family and friends. It sounds as if you are well loved haha. The world is safe for the traveler. TV news and NGOs make their money off of showing the world as a scary place. It isn't. Out of the 40 or so countries that I have traveled in I will say that there are only two that I would deem to be a little unsecure: Costa Rica (rampant crime and no police initiative to curb it - a new phenomenon) and the USA (the most unsafe country in the world from my experiences). Outside of these two countries I say no worries and enjoy your footsteps.

I think that people cannot understand what they do not experience for themselves. You could probably explain your motivation to travel to your parents and friends till you tongue rots off and I do not believe that they could really understand. Perhaps they could empathize, but maybe could not understand the inner motives that drive you out of a safe and secure home to journey off to foreign lands. Don't worry about it, I think this is normal. The Wanderlust either calls you or it does not. There is no explaining it.

Just smile, nod your head, and know that you will be chasing horizons in a few weeks time - living wild adventures and even wilder dreams.

Take what comes and only cross bridges when you come to them.

And always remember that adventure only happens when things go wrong. Don't be too safe or you will not have any stories to tell me!

Above all, follow Andy's prime directive of travel: have fun.

It is a big, big world out there and it is made just for you. Seek it, find it, learn about it and yourself, find romance, uncover faults, and discover, discover, always discover!

I say pack a good translation of the Tao Te Jing into your rucksack and head out on the Open Road. You will not regret it.

I am just sitting in a little cafe mindfully drinking beer and listening to Bryan Adams playing of the radio. It is funny how nostalgic I feel right now hahaha. Other than this I am just having a good ol' time riding my bicycle around a really big lake in Hungary. I just go wherever I want to, stop where I choose, swim, and sleep when I get tired. Not bad, I am really happy today. I have been reading a lot and enjoying these few moments before I will be lock within a city, busy with things to do. I think that it has been a full three days since I have talked to my last person hahaha. 

I respect the fact that you say that you are going to walk for parts of your journey. I think that this is the best way to travel Europe - either walking or riding a bicycle. When I was working in hostels I would listen to the guest talk about their travels and they seem a little on the boring - nay, usual - side to me. They just pick a town, buy a ticket, get off the bus, go to a museum, eat a meal, maybe get drunk, and then pick the next town. They really do not have much to talk about, I think. It was rare that I heard a story of real good life changing trials or tribulation - yarns of travel adventure. But I suppose that is not what they are looking for. So, I say, if you want to travel Europe stick to walking, biking, or hitch-hiking, as at least you will be challenged daily and your stories will be the ones that you can share for the rest of your life. . . . .  the kind of stories that you read about.

It makes me smile big to think that you are going to pick a road and walk it out. Ireland will be good for this. I did a stint working as a gardener in county Cork one spring and it was a truly beautiful time.

You will be alright.

I would love to meet up with you in New York for that hot dog. I also appreciate your letters and do not think that you are odd for sending them. I understand.

I should be flying into JFK on the evening of August 27th and will start school on September 3rd.

Walk Slow,


Question: Is Travel Safe or Dangerous?

I leave for Europe in just a few weeks and every day that slips by leaves me more and more terrified.

    My mother is trying very hard to be supportive, but doesn't understand why her "baby" is going so far away. She seems to think I'm trying to run away from her and my Father, which is not the case. My Father disapproves of the whole thing. He thinks I'm being wreckless and stupid. He doesn't like sleeping outdoors, or anything that doesn't have room service included. He thinks have to wash your hair without conditioner is "ruffing it." My boyfriend has been supportive in the face of my parents, but cannot comprehend why I would want to go without him. And, all my friends say, "aren't you being a bit hasty? Isn't that too dangerous?" But all I've ever wanted to do is walk. Ireland was the place I first wanted to go to when I was 12, so I figured Europe was the place to start. The more I read, see, and study, though, the more of the world I find myself yearning for. I just want to walk. I've spent years of my life just staring out the window, wanting to open the door, put on a coat, and just...go. So I am. But with every day my departure draws nearer, the thought in mind of "what the fuck are you doing" gets bigger and bigger. I don't camp. I'm nervous around people I don't know. I have very little money and only a handful of contacts and I want to wander for a coouple of years???! And no one seems to think it's a good idea, except the handful of people who only talk to me with bitterness now, saying, "well, I would do that, if only I didn't have a..."
     So, I guess, in exasperation and desperation, I'm turning to a stranger. You and Mira, and the 6 or 7 other people who's journey's I have been following over the last few months are inspiring. They help to quell the feelings that I'm makeing the biggest mistake of my life. I just...I know these are probably the wierdest 2 e-mails you will ever get, but I just... I don't even know what I'm asking for. Advice, I guess. Something? I don't know.
       Thanks for your time, and I hope the road leads you to many more adventures and ever increasing happiness, and know that China will be waiting for you at the end, hopefully with open arms.
       Thanks for listening, and thanks for writing.
         ~ Genevieve

Travel is not Dangerous

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