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Wade from has been continuously traveling around the world He is open to answer all questions -  email Please also email suggestions for Travel Debate Forum topics. Walk Slow.


Travel Debate Forum

This is a place for airing your opinions on hot topics in traveler debates. I will publish one debate question every two weeks. Feel free to join in, to give your opinion, insults, or ideas. Let us know what you think. This is all for fun.

Nature or Nurture Travel Debate #2

At the confluence of the 20th century, the entomologists, E.O. Wilson, realized that he could apply the methods of the biological sciences to the human creature in order to better understand human behavior, the role of culture, the idea of free will, and the repeated occurrences of phenomenon such as war, racism, and totalitarianism throughout history.

The views of Wilson generally contrast against the idea of tabula rasa, or the blank slate theory. This notion of development stresses that humans come into the world without any prior instincts and that all behavior is learned from instruction and experience. This idea stresses that humans have a sense of free will that is separate from biology and that culture is founded on learned behavior and is not biologically pre-determined or influenced.

What do you think?

Go to Nature or Nurture Travel Debate #2  to participate in this travel and culture survey.

Debate Question #1- Can Culture be Wrong?

Do you feel as if certain traditional and cultural practices can be called wrong? Do you feel that one culture should interfere with the actions of another because they feel their traditions are immoral? Do you feel as if it is right for one culture has the right to extinguish the long-honed practices of another because they think it is wrong?

Do you believe in an objective, universal right and wrong?

Or do you believe that all cultures and their traditional practices are relative? Do you think that certain practices only seem wrong or abusive because outsiders misunderstand them? Should all cultures be allowed to practice their traditions even if they hurt or kill themselves, animals, or the environment?

Is right and wrong relative to culture, society, or person?

What do you think? Can a culture be wrong? Go to Can Culture Be Wrong? to give your opinion!


Travel Debate Forum

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