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Sleep on New York City Subway

From the Vagabond Field Notes Travel Guide

I traveled to New York City in the autumn of 2008 with the plan of staying for three months to get a decent impression of one of the most vibrant metropolises on the planet as well as finish up my university degree.

But when I stepped into the skyscraper barricaded fortress I had no place to live - I was homeless.

"Why don't you just sleep in the subways for free," the anthropologist Kathleen Modrowski suggested.

I initially laughed at this idea, but, now that my time in New York City has come to an end, I realize that this is an option for travelers who only want to be in the city for a few days.

Mariachi playing a guitar in the New York City Subway.

Simply put, you can just get on a subway car and ride around the city all night long sleeping. It will not be too comfortable and you may have to dodge puking drunks, but it is free. Many people sleep on the subway cars of New York City.

Musician playing in the New York City subway.

So the next time you are passing through New York City and do not want to shell out thirty to fifty dollars for a room, sleep in the subway.

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Sleep on New York City Subway
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