Restaurant in Meknes Morocco Review



Restaurant in Meknes Morocco Review

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From the outside, the Restaurant Omnia appears to be a modest, unassuming eatery down a narrow alley off Rue Rouamzine, at the entrance to Meknes’ ancient Medina. However, upon passing through the “saloon” style swinging doors, you are met by the dazzling presence of old Morocco at its finest.  The high-ceilinged rooms are deliciously decorated with intricate tile-work, gold and silver antiquities are generously displayed around all of the rooms, beautiful henna-designed textiles hang from the walls, pictures of past and present kings look out from every available opening, and the heavy-set staff greet you with smiles and open arms. Eating at this restaurant not only satiates your hunger, but also provides you with a wholesome Moroccan experience.    
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The Restaurant Omnia is a family run, pension-style eating house that tenderly breathes romance at every turn. The restaurant itself is divided into four private dining areas, so that guests can enjoy the splendid Moorish setting in absolute comfort. Each room is set apart by beautiful stucco walls liberally decorated with the finest curiosities Morocco has to offer; carved wooden statues and extravagant silver pieces adorn the room’s many antique mantle pieces, exquisite paintings of scenes from the annals of Moroccan history line the walls, and large, ornate lamps, generously placed around the room, give the restaurant an exotic, otherworldly voice. The seating arrangement is composed of soft, heavily cushioned couches that hug the walls all around the peripheries of the dining areas. Absolute comfort is at your command in the Restaurant Omnia, and as you look around at the lavishly decorated quarters you may begin to think that you are not in a restaurant at all, but in a museum.  


The food at the Restaurant Omnia is so hearty and tantalizing that it almost makes you forget the fairytale setting that has unfolded all around you. The tagines are served in sizzling clay pots on silver platters, always vying for space with big lumps of bread, soup, and sweets. The couscous is also top-notch and comes with generous chunks of chicken and vegetable stew poured wholesomely over the top. You can also have your choice of chicken or lamb kebabs, and every meal is followed with fresh mint tea served from an ornately designed silver pot. 


Although the price of a meal at the Restaurant Omnia does not fit within a vagabond’s budget, it will not drain your pocketbook extensively. For 65 dirham ($8) you can feast on a main course of chicken kebabs, tajine, or couscous, with either a soup or salad, and wash it all down with a glass of mint tea. For 80 dirham ($10) you can have your choice of tajine aux amandes, tajine aux abricots, or tajine poulet pruneaux, and for 120 dirham you can get the works.


In conclusion, if you want to make your evening meal in the imperial city of Meknes an event, the Restaurant Omnia is your palace. The restaurant’s interior decoration alone is enough to make your dinner here feel like a scene from the pages of Arabic folklore, and the quality of the food puts your experience over the top. The Restaurant Omnia is a sure-fire way to jumpstart the mere practice of eating into an outlandish, inter-cultural event to remember.    

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Restaurant in Meknes Morocco Review

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