Restaurant in Rabat Morocco Review



Restaurant in Rabat Morocco Review

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The Restaurant del la Libertad is the Mecca of good cheap eats in Rabat. Hands down, this is the place to go in Morocco’s bustling capital city to fill your belly without emptying your pocketbook. The meals are delicious, the portions gracious, and the staff deals out their authentically Moroccan culinary delights with smiles that are tucked away beneath ear to ear mustaches.
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Upon entering the little restaurant, which is on the main drag of Rabat in the Ancient Medina, one is immediately met by a friendly waiter who shows you to an empty table and hands you a menu full of distinctly Moroccan food. Couscous, chicken, lamb, kebabs, eggs, beef and chips, and tagines litter a menu that is unassumingly written in both Arabic and French. The options for a delightful meal are seemingly endless, as every option on the bountiful menu tantalizingly calls to your taste starved palate.

The price of a meal at the Restaurant de la Libertad is also a painless experience, as almost every meal on it is under thirty dirhams. A heaping plate of couscous and a big mixing bowl full of chicken, yams, and vegetables goes for 24 dirham (three dollars); while a nice piece of beefsteak with a side of fries and bread only costs 29 ($3.50). A plate of scrambled eggs sets you back a mere 6 dirham; while a great cup of fresh mint tea comes for only three.

In all, the Restaurant de la Libertad is a hidden gem in the busy and modern capital city of Morocco. This restaurant is also one of the few places in Rabat which serves good, authentic Moroccan food in a setting that is not dressed up and overpriced for tourist. Eating here is not only a delicious culinary delight, but also a genuine Moroccan experience.


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Restaurant in Rabat Morocco Review

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