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Hungary Travel Information

This is a collection of travel information about Hungary. I traveled in Hungary during the summer of 2008 and in early 2009.

Map of Hungary

Hungary travel tips

Apartment in Budapest, Hungary- Temporary stay apartments are cheaper

When paying for accommodation when traveling, look for temporary stay apartments rather than hotels or hostel beds. They are usually far cheaper, more private, and have better facilities.

Travel Cheap: Watch Global Currency Exchange Rates- Travel Tip #22

To travel the world cheaply, it helps to keep watch over global currency exchange rates. Look at the monetary denomination that you keep your travel funds in, and compare if against the currencies of the of the countries of the you propose to travel in. Watching global currency exchange rates, and traveling toward countries that have recently devalued their currency will allow you to travel the world significantly cheaper.

Budapest Subway Metro Map- Map of the underground  subway metro transit system of Budapest.

Cost of Travel in Hungary- a price list of my incurred expense while traveling in Hungary for one week in January, 2009.

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Hungary Travel Information
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