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China Travel Information

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China travel Information-

Map of my travels in China

Travel Articles, Essays, Place Descriptions, and blog posts from my travels in China:

The Herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine- An essay on the role of the herb and herbology in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Visit to a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor- An account of my first visit to a Chinese Medicine doctor.

Tibetan Nomads: Beyond the Grasps of Time. An essay on the modern nomads of Tibet.

The Symbolism of the Lotus Flower- An investigation into the symbolism of the lotus flower in Tibetan Buddhist art.

Cold Mountain Hermit Han Shan- A journey into the Tientai mountains in search of the Chinese hermit poet Han Shan.

Chinese Medicine Health Cultivation- A journey into the ways the ancient Chinese cultivated wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Theory.

Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine- An investigation into the Chinese idea of Qi.

China Travel Blog Posts- Song of the Open Road posts from China.

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China Travel Information

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