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9 Secluded Destinations for Those Wishing to Travel During the Pandemic

The list of the most beautiful remote places. Traveling during covid: distant islands, isolated cities, mountain trails, and coral reefs. Tips on how to travel safely during a pandemic.

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The pandemic has changed everyone’s life. People had to give up many plans, get used to such things as social distancing and antibody tests. But what about traveling during covid? Cautious people avoid unnecessary contact and stay at home. Adventure lovers dare to travel during the coronavirus pandemic.

And as for an alternative to both options: travel with social distancing. Get acquainted with the most remote places on Earth. Allow yourself safe traveling during covid. Check out safety tips as you prepare for your vacation.

Distant lands for safe travel during the coronavirus pandemic

Don’t miss your travels. Open your travel planner and decide on the best hotel deals. The list of vacation destinations we have prepared for you is not ordinary. These are not standard tourist locations with numerous people. These are sparsely populated, remote places with beautiful views. This is exactly what you need to relax during a pandemic.

Big Sur, California, USA

Big Sur California

The city on a cliff on the Pacific coast seems to be designed for traveling during covid. There is a lot of space, silence, and only 2,000 inhabitants in the region. However, there are few restaurants, and Wi-Fi is not very much. Guests at Big Sur stay at the Post Ranch Inn. The hotel is located over the ocean, so the view from the window is amazing. Hiking trails and a spa in the middle of the forest await you. In short, everything is for relaxation and solitude. Great place to read ghost cities stories. No one will interfere with you or violate social distancing.

Wolgan Valley, Australia

One of the most remote places on Earth is just a three-hour drive from Sydney. Wolgan Valley stretches between the Great Blue Mountains. Get ready to meet the sunrise on Donkey Mountain, travel the trails of national parks, and enjoy the scenery. You will meet rare animals on your way and keep a social distance from people.

Don’t forget your camera. As you prepare for this journey, take the time to master a video editing tool if you want to share videos of Wolgan Valley with your friends.

Sunnmore, Norway

NorwayIf you are looking for adventurous experiences, then the northwest coast of Norway is for you. There are only two hotels for tourists. You will see stunning scenery with fjords and waterfalls. You will meet seal colonies and no human settlements. Furthermore, you will visit the island of Runde, inhabited by 500,000 birds.

You will remember this traveling during covid forever. Be sure to take your camera and go on an adventure.

Socotra Island, Yemen

The island of Socotra is located in the Arabian Sea. You should include this place in the list of distant lands for travel through an unusual landscape. Dragon bone trees grow on the island. These plants with bright red juice look like UFOs.

Travel to the island of Socotra is possible with the permission of the UAE, as mainland Yemen is at war. Don’t forget about this moment, following the checklist for tourists.

Northern Aysen, Chile


Next on our list of remote vacation destinations in the Aysen area of Northern Patagonia. You will see impregnable Andes, majestic glaciers, pristine lakes and rivers, emerald valleys. There are no people here, as all popular tourist routes run in the south of the country. You will not have problems with social distancing in Aysen.

Despite the isolation and sparseness, there is a place to stay. Rio Palena Lodge offers guests a lot of entertainment: hunting, mountain biking trails, hiking, rafting, canoeing, and kayaking, as well as picnics and wine tastings.

Nunavut, Canada

It is the most remote region in northern Canada. The population of the vast territory is only 38 thousand people. Great place for traveling during covid, right? Visit Baffin Island to see clean lakes, spectacular fjords, polar bears, and narwhals. Discover the hidden town of Iqaluit, which is one of the most isolated towns in the world.

Anegada, British Virgin Island

British Virgin Island

If you are looking for a place with empty, beautiful beaches, visit Anegada. It is hard to find a person on a deserted beach. The coral reefs of the British Virgin Islands not only make it difficult for travelers to access but are also great for scuba diving. You can take the ferry to get to Anegada.

Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska

Although the Arctic Gate is the second-largest U.S. National Park, it is visited by up to 10,000 people a year. If you become one of these daredevils, you will see pristine mountains, picturesque places, and wildlife in all its glory.

When you reach one of the most remote places on Earth, do not forget about the camera. Take impressive shots, create quality content with a video editor, and share on your social networks. Your audience will be delighted with these videos.

Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

Door to Hell Turkmenistan

It is a burning crater in the middle of the Karakum Desert. He appeared here in 1971 when an oil rig collapsed underground. The reason was methane gas deposits. To prevent a man-made disaster, scientists have decided to set fire to gas. This is how the crater in the middle of the desert still burns.

The Door to Hell was created by people by accident. But wonderful underground hotels around the world were built specifically for tourists.


We hope that this list of the most remote places on Earth will inspire you to travel safely during a pandemic. Enjoy the scenery of wildlife, walk the deserted beaches and travel the mountain trails. Share your emotions with friends with great videos about traveling to the ends of the Earth on your social networks.

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