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8 Tips Every Beginner Hunter Should Know

How to prepare for your first hunting trip.

Are you a newbie hunter and you feeling intimated by the hunting task ahead?

Well, take heart.

Admittedly, traveling and having successful hunting is a challenge, but with a bit of preparation, it’s easy to become a pro.

And it’s for this reason we’ve compiled this listicle that outlines the top eight crucial tips every beginner hunter should know.

License and Certification

Hunting is a skill, and the regulations for admission greatly vary between states.

Before you grab your crossbow and hunting arrows, you need to have the necessary licensing and pass certification classes based on your state requirements.

Besides the certification, it’s always necessary that you’re aware of the rules and regulations for the state you’re hunting in.

Understand your Equipment

Whether you use a rifle or crossbow for hunting, knowledge of weaponry is critical.

Before you go or bow hunting, for instance, you need to have practiced with a bow and arrow.

On the other hand, if you’re using a rifle for hunting, such as a cheap ar 15, you’ll need to know how to use the trigger; you find that a majority of the novice hunters jerk the trigger rather than squeezing it, and this can make a huge difference.

Decoys to attract geese and ducks, such as at decoypro.com, are also an essential part of any hunter’s kit.

Dress for Success

All successful hunters know that keeping an eye on the weather forecast isn’t an option.

Normally, hunting might involve a long and treacherous walk, and so need to be prepared for changes in weather.

For instance, I always consider having you an extra pair of garments to avoid any drastic changes in the weather.

Know The Wind

Another successful trait of successful hunters is knowing more about the wind, specifically the direction of the wind.

See, the wind is normally the number one reason why hunters are given away. Now, while camo is definitely going to let you blend into the environment, your scent is going to give a wind of you.

To that end, however, you can also consider using substances such as soaps, body washes, or laundry detergents to mask your scent.

Pack the Necessities

In relation to what we’ve mentioned about packing scent-masking products, you should also consider having a well-stocked backpack.

Consider packing all the essentials you think you might need during the hunting expedition, and this includes extra ammo, water, extra clothes, binoculars, and more.

Timing is Necessary

Wild animals are smart, and at times, they can be unpredictable, but certain times are better than others for hunting.

For instance, if you’re hunting deer, you’ll notice that you’ll start to see them in the last hour before dark.

Have a First Aid Kit with You

While hunting, it’s normal to suffer from deep cuts, gunshot wounds, and punctures, and so, having a first aid kit is necessary to control blood flow.

For this, you’ll be requiring pressure bandages, sterile gauze, and more when seeking help when in trouble.

You might also consider items such as sting pads, sprays, and anti-venom drugs.

Let Someone Know of your Location

It’s always best to go for hunting with a partner, especially if you’re new to the territory, but if it’s not possible for some reason, then ensure that someone knows of your whereabouts.

This includes the exact time, exact location of your hunting ground, and the time duration, which you’ll be absent. It is even more important if you a traveling to a hunting location somewhere outside of the country such as South American Adventure Safari.

Tree Stand Safety

Most of the hunting in the woods takes place next to, behind, or even up on a tree.

And so, you need to get conscious of your tree stand safety.

Tree stand safety is necessary as it prevents you from falling, keeps you safe, and protects you against a variety of situations where you could hurt yourself.


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